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Lots of Activity

Are you ready for the summer to really get rolling? May was like the slow ascent up a rollerscoaster progressing up the first hill, and June is when the excitement begins. Take the time to prepare yourself when things get active. It can be a time of wonderful changes, or of stress if you are not ready. Make sure to take time each day to sit in peace and refresh from each day.

Between June 4th and July 20th, Mars transits Cancer. Your creative side is on fire and whatever you are involved with from work to home projects, from romantic relationships to artistic endeavors are going to be in top form during this time. Embrace the urges to use your creative side. If you already have hobbies or a work environment that allows for this, it is a great time to start new projects. If you have a signfiganct other, make plans for a getaway and be creative with your time together. This could be a simple as diving into some new home improvement project that you see on the web. Whatever it is, mark down this time as a time to embrace your artistic and romantic side.

Angel of PISCES – Governing Angels

On June 6th, Mercury enters Gemini and this will last until the 21st. This is going to strongly improve your ability to research and learn. If you have a book or two that are gaining dust, get them out and start teaching yourself some new area of knowledge. Maybe there is a work skill that you have been wanting to master. Now is the time to embrace academic challenges. Mercury will then join Cancer on the 21st through July 5th and those energies will shift from a yearning to gain knowledge to the creative.

Venus moves through Taurus from June 6th until July 4th. You will want to get out and smell the roses, but much more than that. You will crave beauty in all of its forms. At first you might just want to get out and see scenic landscapes or museums, but then it will expand into brining beauty into your home and work space.

Jupiter will turn direct in Libra on the 9th and will do so through October 10th. This is a time of big changes for you, Pisces, and many of the dreams and plans that you have been making have worked up to this time. Now it is time to bring your dreams, hopes, and plans into fruition, and this summer is the time do buckle down and make them happen.

A full moon on the 9th in Sagittarius will greatly affect your work. It is good news as projects that have been stalled become restarted, and solutions to seemingly impossible work problems present themselves.

Mercury enters Cancer on June 21st, and you feel content. You are balanced with your work, home, and romantic life and it is important to remember this feeling and not let it slip away.

On June 23rd there is a new moon in Cancer and your deepest and most treasured pleasures become greatly enhanced. You are romantic and creative and giving, and it is a time to get silly and bring joy to those around you.

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