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Enjoy The Little Wonders In Life

Has April, and even the months before, been a bit crazy and even negative? Well, don’t fret, Pisces, spring is here and May is going to be a time of tranquility and new, positive experiences. It is a time of renewal, but even more importantly, a time of peace and quiet!

It is also a time to get outside and embrace the wonder of the world around you. On May 3rd, Mercury turns direct in Aries and this is the time for changes. Now you can open up the doors of your life and take a deep breath and get going again. Take some time to get into the garden, or walk in the park. All of the projects and changes in your life that you have been putting off are now ready to be fully embraced and undertaken.

You are extremely talented, but that talent isn’t often expressed. You have been finding it difficult to believe in yourself, and you are too often swayed by emotions. It’s time to start using your creative gifts in any and every area of your life.

Piscans are compassionate, loving, sensual and imaginative. You are great parents, mates, lovers, artists, researchers and dreamers. You have a keen appreciation of beauty, in nature and in art. Do all that you can to communicate this sensibility to others. Having a creative, artistic hobby or activity to which you are devoted will open up your life to an astonishing degree.

Get out there and visit quaint farmer’s markets, flee markets, or thrift stores. Start that project at work, or crafts project you have been wanting to try. Start a painting. Say yes to that romantic interest you have and go out on a date to a new restaurant. Don’t stress about little things, the retrograde is over.

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Mercury will be in Aries until May 16, when it enters Taurus, and during this time until June 6th, your adventurous spirit will shift into a calmer, more pragmatic existence. This is not a negative, you just have satisfied your explorative side, and now find joy in all of the little things you do day to day. You will find that being efficient and crossing things off of your to-do lists brings you joy.

On May 10, there is a Full Moon in Scorpio and this is a fun and deeply moving event for you. Your spiritual and intellectual curiosity side is lit up and you find that you are contemplating and embracing thoughts of your place in the world and the universe. Dive into a new book on spirituality or mysticism. Perhaps you have been wanting to get back into going to Church, or studying a new religion. Your spiritual side is bursting forth, and don’t fight it, you have had questions swirling beneath the surface for some time.

There is a New Moon in Gemini on the 25th, joining Mars. This will be a time for new opportunities. The question is in what area of your life. The answer is don’t spend energies forcing the new possibilities… the time around this new moon will be ripe with newness, so just walk around with a smile on your face waiting for a wonderful surprise.

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