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Pisces January 2019 Horoscope

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Pisces January 2019 Horoscope: Pisces, the year starts off in a magical way for you, as Mars is in Aries right from the start and will be doing so through the 14th of next month. Money, money, money is on your mind and you will be driven, and capable to earn more and to keep more. You will find creative new ways to bring in money, and will be focused on respecting its power and how it can help stabilize your life.

On January 4th, Mars enters Capricorn, and will be doing so through January 24th. Your networking, communication and productivity are all greatly enhanced. This is a time to get things done, so make some lists and knock tasks off one at a time.

Pisces January 2019 Horoscope: Solar Eclipse

On January 5th there is a solar eclipse in Capricorn. This event is going to really help with networking and communication. There will be some promising new friendships and possibly business relationships that come around this date, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Uranus turns direct in Aries on January 6th. Your brain is really working in strange ways starting on this date. You are creative and weird and you love it. Make a journal of all of your bizarre ideas while this transit unfolds.

Pisces January 2019 Horoscope: Venus Transit

Venus joins Jupiter in Sagittarius from January 7th and the 3rd of next month. This is all about an amazing ride with your professional life and with projects that you want to start or are working on. You are a superb co-worker at this time, and anyone that you encounter during this time in your career or with projects is really going to enjoy working with you. You are an excellent collaborator, so make an effort to work with others and embrace this positive influence.

Pisces January 2019 Horoscope: Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse on January 21st will bring a little change in your life. There will be strong emotions brewing, and they will be yearning for improvement in your daily life, particularly with how you live your life in terms of taking care of your health.

Mercury transits Aquarius from January 24th to the 20th of next month. Your mystical side is awakened. Your dreams and yearnings to learn more about the greater universe are greatly enhanced. This is a magical transit, and you will be drawn to the spiritual world.

Total Lunar Eclipse, Super Blood Moon and a Wolf Moon

January of 2019 is going to bring a rare Lunar event – the Super Blood Moon – to excite eclipse fans. This particular Super Blood Moon is actually going to be a trifecta of lunar events – a Total Lunar Eclipse, Super Blood Moon, and a “Wolf Moon” – and is also being called the Super Blood Wolf Moon. The Super Moon in 2019, which is set for January 20 and 21 (depending on the time zone), will be visible to the people across the Americas and parts of western Europe and Africa.

This is a time to go forth and do your own thing. Don’t stay in a bad situation… cut your losses and move on. Show kindness to those around you. Take strength from all this Moon power. The best for you is just around the corner.

Pisces January 2019 Horoscope: Words of Wisdom

Last year may have had its pains, but let this coming New Year be full of gains. Let your attitude look forward and not back.


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