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Sagittarius Horoscope – February, 2017

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Be on Your Toes!

February is going to be a trying one for Sagittarius, but you will make it through if well prepared. There are two eclipses this month, and this will bring out a lot of drama related to your career and your deeply held spiritual or religious beliefs. Those who embrace the challenges of the eclipses will come out of them much better for the stress, but those who fight the challenges will keep dealing with the stress until it is resolved. The eclipses bring out hidden conflicts, suddenly, and with little warning, but what is done is done, and you should be prepared to deal with any issues that come during this crazy month.

If you start a new relationship during this time, be warned, it will burn very, very hot. Embrace it, but also know that you will need to come back to earth at some point.

Venus joins Mars in Aries on February 3, and this will bring about the most romantic and creative time of the year for you. If you start a new relationship during this time, be warned, it will burn very, very hot. Embrace it, but also know that you will need to come back to earth at some point. This intensity will deal with your creative side as well. Just as you might start a new romance, you might also start a new creative endeavor, and now is the time. Your creative juices are flowing like never before, so strike while the irons are hot!

Jupiter moves retrograde through Libra between February 6 and June 9. This is a time that you will experience deep reflection. If you feel like this is a depression… don’t. This is an opportunity for introspection, self-improvement, spiritual growth, and building wisdom. Dive into learning of the mystical, religious, or the spiritual, take a trip, or just enjoy the time inside your mind.

On February 7, Mercury enters Aries and your communication will be focused and sharp. If you have been waiting to write something creatively, or even for work, this is a great time. Use this time to network, and build up your family relationships. This will last until the 25th, when Mercury enters Pisces and your focus will then turn to your family life.

February 26, brings the solar eclipse in Pisces that will affect your family life. You will have chances to show your creative side, and there should be some very good opportunities for your family. You might even discover that there will be new members to your family, and that will be a wonderful thing.

February looks to be both sensible and sensuous for the Sagittarian. Good times and big dreams are forthcoming and will continue throughout the year. The right kind of attention will be coming your way. It’s a good time for you to promote yourself or your projects. Communicate with clarity, so you can get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want. It’s time to come out of your shell and take command. The more open you are, the more likely you will have your desires fulfilled. Believe in yourself!

You are going to be tempted to indulge in extravagances, don’t be reckless or you may get more than you bargained for. Take a stand to be responsible. Much of what happens boils down to what you can, and cannot, afford. Maintain a clear head in all financial matters. Money matters are going to be complex and time-consuming, so be careful in all financial dealings. Make the most of the opportunities that come your way.


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