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Your Creativity is Awesome!

The year for the Sagittarius begins with a warning to be vigilant- Mercury retrograde is there to cause chaos.  Don’t fret, however, prepare! Take care, especially of your finances.  Be aware of upcoming bills and simply get ahead of any potential problems.  Take some time to login and review all of your financial accounts, and be careful with spending and access to your accounts from others.  It won’t last long, after January 8th feel free to start new plans, and dive into new projects and investments.

From January 3rd to February 3rd, Venus and Pisces will effect your creative processes.  This is a time to delve into new artistic ventures- write, paint, craft, cook; your creative side of your brain will be on fire and yearning to be utilized!  Invite friends over and try a few new recipes, or maybe enhance some favorites.  They will be so impressed!

You will discover talent you never thought you had.  People will beg you to share.  You do good work! Spend extra time looking around your day to day surroundings and work on making your life more creative with your own special touches!  This could be in your home or at work, but there will be a yearning to beautify.

“The end of January will bring an intense desire for romance, intimacy and pleasure.”

January 12th is also a very important day. A full moon, and Mercury joins Pluto in Capricorn. Money becomes a major component around this time. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is your own financial life, but could be with a life partner, family member, or business associate.  You will be given opportunities that will seem to be from outside, but that can lead to personal financial gain.

The 28th of January features a new moon, and Mars enters Aires. Communication will be at the forefront of your life around this time. Are you heavily involved with social media, or write a blog, or have to speak to a group? If so, this time is ideal to have your message to be found by willing ears.

When Mars enter Aires around the 28th, this is a very important time for love and pleasure.  This could be a romantic endeavor, or even a time when you commit time and energy on yourself, such as finding time for a spa trip.  The end of January will bring an intense desire for romance, intimacy and pleasure.  But maybe all you need is to start planning a spring vacation.

January is your month for taking care of you!  Don’t make any important decisions just yet.  It’s time for your creativity, so enjoy having fun with new and existing hobbies.  Your life is on the right track as you know how to be responsible.  Keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy the ride.


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