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Sagittarius July 2017 Horoscope

Venture Forth!

Hope you are ready for an exciting and eventful Summer, because June’s activity is leading into an even more frenzied July.  As May was a time for preparation and embracing the newness of the year, July has ramped up to be a time where your life is running in high gear, and in a very positive light.

From July 4th until July 31st, Venus is in Gemini, and it sets the stage for a wonderful July. Your partnerships, particularly your romantic one, are humming along with an ease in communications.  Your back and forth with loved ones or coworkers goes very smoothly, and others will find you very considerate in your conversations skills during this time.  In fact, you may want to focus on one person, probably a romantic interest, and take a weekend trip or spend some alone time so you can focus your communication on one person.

Sagittarius July 2017 “Travel” Horoscope

Mercury enters Leo on July 5th, and your vagabond spirit comes to the forefront. Even getting out to nearby towns or events that you have wanted to see, but have been saying “some day” will materialize. You are yearning to take in new stimuli, and travel and exploring is the first impulse.

This will also push you to dive into some new area of study, perhaps a book or two about some different culture, philosophy or religion. This will last until July 25th, where Mercury moves into Virgo.

Sagittarius July 2017 “Full Moon” Horoscope

On July 8th, a full moon in Capricorn is going to reveal and complete something dealing with your finances.  Pluto plays a part, and this should be a very positive outcome for you.

Mars enters Leo on the 20th, spending a few days with Mercury, and this is another major boon to your wild side. Take advantage of this time, as you will be fully receptive to taking in new experiences, sights and sounds. It is almost as if you have been bottled up for so long, and you are not free to explore and set your mind free from the dull drums of everyday life.

After this, Mercury moves forth and Mars is alone in Leo until September 5th. You ride a wave of self confidence and inner peace.  Take care not to let this joy turn into any recklessness, so make sure to stay grounded to some extent.  Overall, it is a time of delight and exploration.

A new moon in Leo occurs on the 23rd, and this is just one more cherry on top for pushing you to travel and take in new experiences.  It is a moment of new opportunities, so if anyone around you suggests a day trip, take them up on it!

Sagittarius July 2017 “Career” Horoscope

On July 25th, Mercury enters Virgo, and is on quite a journey after that. For the short term, this will lead to a focus on expressing yourself more in your professional life or other projects.   Venus moves through Cancer from July 31st to August 26th.  More on this later, but it is a start of a lot of activity dealing with your finances.

Sagittarius July 2017 “Words of Wisdom” Horoscope

Different people have different duties assigned to them by Nature.  Nature has given one the power or the desire to do this, the other that.  Each bird must sing with his own throat.  Bloom where you are planted.


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