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June is a month of exciting challenges that can set the stage for the rest of the summer. After a month of rest and quiet reflection, you are now headed for a time of activity and important decisions.

Mars enters Cancer on the 4th, which will last until July 20th. It is a period where you will both be a valuable asset to those that you are close with and work with, and also where you can depend on others to be contributors to the challenges in your life. This means you are going to be the collaborator, and sometimes it is about giving and sometimes getting, but prepared to be working with others, often.

Angel of SAGITTARIUS – Governing Angels

Mercury enters Gemini and Taurus enters Venus on the 6th, and then on the 9th, Jupiter turns into Libra. To begin with, Mercury entering Gemini is going to be a welcome benefit of communication between you and those that you are partners with. Ideas will flow back and forth and planning during this time will go quite smoothly. It is a wonderful time to plan a new trip, a new project, or work on the home together.

With Venus entering Taurus this is going to ramp up your appreciation of beauty in every aspect of your life. You may feel drawn to go out and see new, beautiful sites, either in nature, or with just visiting a museum. You may also just want to make adjustments to your home or work surroundings, with a strong concentration on improving aesthetics.

The most important of these three events in early June is with Jupiter turning direct in Libra. Your life is starting a powerful new “growth” if you provide it with the nutrients that it needs. Work, home, love, creativity – all of these will see major opportunities to get out of neutral. You have had many dreams the last few years and now is the time that they start coming to fruition.

A full moon in your sign on the 9th will also hopefully bring some conflict in your life to a positive conclusion. Something has been bugging you, and the solution presents itself around this full moon.

From June 21st to July 5th, Mercury joins Mars in Cancer. Your spiritual and / or religious side will be strong, and contemplation of your deepest held beliefs will come to the surface. Try to save a little time each day where you can be alone to give that side of yourself time to be uninterrupted by life’s distractions.

On the 23rd, there is a new moon in Cancer and this is a time of new opportunities at home. Your family life will offer some important change, and it is best if you make thoughtful decisions on this day to make the most of them.

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