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Crazy Times

Venus turns retrograde in Aries on March 4th until April 15th. Roads will diverge in front of you over and over during this time, and you always need to make sure you make the correct decisions. You will often be tempted to let your more emotional and passionate side rule, but don’t let it. Don’t let little arguments turn into break ups or blow outs.

This is a time to know what really matters, and that little annoyances should never dominate more important aspects to your relationships. If you can weather the storm, you will end up having more enduring relationships in your romantic and business life than you ever imagined.

You now realize that this is the time when you really can enjoy life and how you must take the time to appreciate the good things that you have all around you.

Mars enters Taurus on the 9th, and this is “grind it out” time. This will last until April 21st. It is hard work time, and the key here is to know that there is an end in site. The hard work you put in to a project at work or at home will pay off in the end. It is a time where you are the worker bee.

On the 12th, there is a full moon in Virgo, and this is going to be illuminating your career. This is a productive time, and you are on center stage with your work or with any projects. It is a time of clarity as well, where past muddled viewpoints become crystal clear. You will get out the proverbial broom and sweep out all of the little contradictions in your thought processes, allowing you to work with exceptional efficiency.

Mercury transits Aries between March 13th and 31st, and watch out… this is going to awaken, or reawaken your romantic and creative sides. Dive in head first! Embrace your creative juices and spend extra time cultivating your romantic side.

Furthermore, on the 27th, there is a new moon in Aries and this will mean a new aspect to the aforementioned romantic and creative life. This is a newness regarding both of those things. Perhaps a trip with a loved one, or the start of a new project.

You are the peacemaker. The new moon brings your relationships with others to an easygoing, positive and friendly level. You now realize that this is the time when you really can enjoy life and how you must take the time to appreciate the good things that you have all around you. You will be making a few new friends. They are sent to be helpful guides along your life path.

On March 31st, Mercury enters Taurus, so that means big changes on the horizons. Authority figures and other influential people tend to look upon you favorably, see more potential in you, and readily help you along, so take advantage of it. Opportunities don’t come along that often. Integrity, directness and honesty will get you everywhere right now.

Towards the end of the month, your attention will turn to spirituality. It is a time for taking stock and reviewing your life to this point. You need to do whatever is most supportive to you, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. More time should be given to ambitions close to your heart as you need to feel the empowerment that it brings.

The time has also come to get going on an exercise and nutrition program. Fast foods are not your friend and should be left in the past. You know you are going to have to change your eating habits in order to feel more balanced.


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