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Creativity and Romance

May is a month that involves calmer waters, and you will enjoy the break from the hectic times of the last few months. However, it won’t last long, as this summer could be a frenzied one. Mercury turns direct in Aries on May 3rd, and for a little while, when Mercury and Venus are bound, you are a super romantic, creative dynamo.

Embrace it with every fiber in your being. These times don’t come around often, so either make a major effort to enjoy your romantic partner, go out and be open to finding a new romantic partner, or even just dive into an exciting creative project!

This will last fully until the 16th, and your romantic, creative side is boiling over. It is up to you on how you want to employ this burning energy into your life. You could take your significant other on a trip, or start a new painting. Whatever it is, this will be a two week period of enhanced romance or creative endeavors.

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Mercury enters Taurus the 16th and this energy will shift to a more pragmatic and productive energy. This is a shift, but not a downgrade. You will enjoy the first two weeks of creative energy, but will find joy in powering down and finding happiness in little activities during your daily routine.

On May 10th there is a Full Moon in Scorpio and that will mean the bringing to completion some seemingly open ended and annoying projects. You will find the clarity and the confidence to complete lists that have been bothering you, and you will find a great sense of accomplishment as you check things off of your to-do list.

Your family life is not dull or routine. As long as you can energize your family and persuade them to join in your activities with almost as much enthusiasm as you do, all will be well. The Sagittarian family that plays together will have a good chance of staying together.

Ssagittarius is also a fire sign. People influenced by this sign are active and dynamic. They thrive on work, action, innivation, and challenge, and they often excel at anything they do. You are often described as the hunter of the zodiac, and you have been thinking about hunting for antiques or for rare collectibles. It’s a great time to explore.

The New Moon in Gemini will be on the 25th and there is a newness to your professional, and possibly romantic life. You could be diving into a new work relationship, or maybe starting a new romance. This could also be the escalation of an existing relationship, either professionally or romantically.

This new moon will mean an increased acuity with communication, so up and around this date you could find that you are the life of the party and that you could broaden your social reach.

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