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Sagittarius May 2018 Horoscope

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Sagittarius May 2018 Horoscope: If you have been feeling a little stuck in the mud, Sagittarius, don’t fret. This month features some excellent planetary movements that will help you get unstuck!

Sagittarius May 2018 Horoscope: Mercury Transit

Let’s start on May 13, when Mercury enters Taurus. This will be going on until May 29th. During this time you will find yourself very focused and task oriented. This can be an amazing aspect of your personality if you embrace it. You might not be the most lovable person to be around, but you will get things done!

Reflective Thought for Sagittarius:

My natural state is one of peace, harmony, overflowing abundance, and love.

Sagittarius May 2018 Horoscope: Uranus Shift

The big event happens on May 15th (there is also an extra event on this date that we will get to as well) when Uranus leaves Aries, where it has been for seven years and enters Taurus. This is going to make for an interesting summer and fall for you for sure.

The job of Uranus is to really rattle the tree and shake out all of the negative nastiness. For you, a lot of this is going to be dealing with your career. Prepare for major shakeups regarding your work. You may change jobs, get moved to different projects, or you may find yourself completely changing your career path. Just know that this tumult is going to last all summer and fall but it is for the great good, to get you on the path of what you should be doing with your life, career-wise.

On May 16th, Mars enters Aquarius, and will be doing so through June 26th. During this time you will not lack for motivation. Whatever you are working on, regardless if you are passionate about it or not, you will go full throttle.

Sagittarius May 2018 Horoscope: Venus Transit

From May 19th until June 13, Venus transits Cancer. All those that are close to you will be affected. Finances and careers could be altered, but you are one of the key pieces to the puzzle. Be a facilitator, and take extra care to help those around you financially and with any projects they are working on.

Sagittarius May 2018 Horoscope: Full Moon

There is a full moon in your sign on May 29th, and don’t let this one slip by! It is time to rejoice and take one full day and night to just embrace being alive. The planets are aligned for you, so keep an eye out for possibilities in all aspects of your life.

Also on May 29, Mercury enters Gemini. Communication is going to be the key here with all of the partnerships in your life. This is the start of a period where networking and opening up to those around you becomes very important.

Sagittarius May 2018 Horoscope: Words of Wisdom

You can overcome anything if you don’t bellyache.


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