Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope – October 2017

The Prelude to an Amazing Era

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: What a joy it was to get away from the grind of several challenging months within astrology, and to enjoy a pleasant September! After a particularly troubling August, you have gotten back into being influenced by positive forces, and are coming off a month where the planets were in your favor.

Sagittarius, you are at the start of a long prelude to a very important time in your life. There is some exciting movement with Jupiter, your ruler, that will impact the next twenty six months of your life.  More on that in a bit!

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope – Full Moon

Before the major events with Jupiter, let’s start off at the beginning of the month. On October 5th, there is a full moon in Aries, and you better get ready because this is going to be dealing with your romantic / creative side.

This is where there is a “spotlight” lighting up your love live and your artistic side. It is very powerful and puts your focus on someone that you care about, and creates a major yearning to be creative. If you are single, you will feel an impulse to get out there and work on finding romance.

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There could be a new creative project that you have been considering for a long time, and you finally take the first steps in making come to fruition. Just be aware that leading up to the full moon on the 5th, on that date, and for a day or so after that, romance and your artistic side need to be nurtured and the focus of your attention.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope – Jupiter Transit

On October 10th it is the start of the over two year epic astrological journey in your life. The first half of it happens when Jupiter moves into Saturn, and this will affect the introspective, thoughtful, peaceful aspect of your personality.

You take a far greater interest in the greater Universe, the spirit world, and how your unconscious affects your daily life. The day to day world becomes less interesting, and you want to know more about your fit into the overall plan of the cosmos.

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Studying new areas of spirituality and religion become paramount, and it is a perfect time to take the next step in your spiritual understanding and maybe consider speaking with a mystic or a psychic. A particular area of interest will be the supernatural and communicating or contemplating those that have moved onto the spirit world.

Venus transits Libra from October 14th to November 7th, and it is a time where you become very much involved with collaboration and coordination. Your social network could expand considerably during this time and you find working on projects to be more enjoyable when others are involved.

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