Sandeep Maheshwari Spirituality – Basic Meditation (Video)

Sandeep Maheshwari is the Founder and CEO of ImagesBazaar, the world’s largest collection of Indian images. A world record holder in photography, he has also received many awards and accolades.

He is a college dropout from a middle-class background, who started as a freelance photographer and faced countless adversities to become one of the most well known entrepreneurs of India.

Fast forward to 2012. has got more than 10,00,000 images and videos shot by over 11,400 photographers and filmmakers from all over India. ImagesBazaar is the world’s #1 collection of Indian images and videos. Over 7,000 brands in more than 45 countries have been using ImagesBazaar’s images and videos for their advertising, marketing and publishing needs. To know more, log on to

And now, the only purpose of his life is to share all that he has learnt with the rest of the World. To help others succeed so that, in turn, they could also share with those who need it the most. After conducting numerous Life-Changing Seminars in different parts of India, lastly, he concluded it with a mega-one on the historic day of 20th October, 2012. This was his “Last Life-Changing Seminar” conducted at the Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi, which was attended by thousands and thousands of people from all over India.


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