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Scorpio Horoscope – April, 2017

Creativity and Romance Abound

Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius from April 6th and August 25th, making this a time of scrutiny on your finances. You will be evaluating your expenditures versus your income and with the proper approach, you will find that the focus on money will inevitably be a very positive thing.

You will readjust your spending and your plan for making money and investing, and will have a laser focus in doing so. You might find that your partnerships with others regarding finances are not going as planned, and you might need to reassess your business relationships.

You feel a reawakening of spirit, hit by the love bug and flowing with creative ideas. It is more than a spark, it is an eruption, and this will last fully through April 28th.

Mercury moves retrograde through Taurus on April 9th, and along with some other movement, until May 3rd you will want to be extra careful with your communications. Take time to be thoughtful in how you deal with others, as miscommunication can come easily, and this is with both professional and personal relationships.

With the proper approach of stepping back when little disagreements seem like they might escalate and learning to hear other people out, you will come out a better communicator. People will start to see you more of a logical and reasonable partner.

You tend to be very practical. You have an excellent understanding of values and you appreciate the good things in life. You have always valued the security of home and family and have a strong awareness of your responsibilities to them.

On April 11th there is a full moon in Libra and you feel a stirring and an awakening of the deeper thoughts and feelings lurking in your subconscious. The day-to-day activities and priorities of your life will seem trivial around this full moon, and you will be pondering if you have enough spirituality and religion in your life.

At times you appear secretive and detached. For soul-growth and greater self-awareness, you need periods of solitude to develop a clear perspective on your thoughts. You need time alone to just think. Avoid isolating yourself from others. You can achieve more peace by creating harmony in your surroundings.

Venus turns direct in Pisces on April 15th, and watch out: your romantic / creative side is exploding. You feel a reawakening of spirit, hit by the love bug and flowing with creative ideas. It is more than a spark, it is an eruption, and this will last fully through April 28th. You almost feel like a movie star that everyone adores, and your confidence will be contagious.

This is the most passionate and romantic time period for the whole year, so take advantage. As always, the romantic side is linked directly to your creative side, so the same powers that drive your passionate side will also let loose your creative side. Write, paint, create… your spirit will move you and your soul will be replenished.

Mars transits Gemini between April 21st and June 4th and this is a happy coincidence with the previous few weeks. You will have a very much heightened need for intimacy. Your romantic side is focused, and you will feel the urge to “settle down” and have those energies focused on that one special person. You can envision a life together, and you will want to communicate that feeling and make things more official.

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