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A Wacky Month, For Sure!

Scorpios will deal with the two eclipses that take place in February. This is a month of enduring some ups and downs, and drama for certain. You will have a bright light shined inside your soul, and little secrets or pains might be forced out into the sun. Don’t fret, if you worry about this, it will be stressful, but for those that see this as a time of cleansing, it will be a wonderful month that you survived, and after will be much better for it.

The communication between you and close members of your family will be exceptional, your intuition will be in tune, and it is a great time to get new ideas out in the open.

Venus enter Aries on February 3, and this is where you will want to take the reins on your creative and romantic side. You may on be starting a new romantic or creative adventure, but make sure your practical side keeps things under control. This is a great time to start things. Have a home project you have been putting off? Have you had a friend want to start some little project or partnership? This is a time to say yes to those things.

On February 6, Jupiter turns retrograde in Libra, and up until June 9, when it turns direct again, you will feel that you are becoming a bit of an introvert. Take this to heart, it is a gracious phase that will allow you to contemplate bigger questions, and your spirituality may grow more during this time than it has in years.

Mercury enters Aquarius on February 10, the same days as the lunar eclipse, and your home life becomes a hub of activity. This will last until the 25th, when Mercury enters Pisces. The communication between you and close members of your family will be exceptional, your intuition will be in tune, and it is a great time to get new ideas out in the open.

February 10 brings a lunar eclipse in Leo, a prime spot regarding your work. Here is the thing, Uranus and Saturn form close angles to the eclipse degree, and for you, this will make little conflicts that occur at your work very stressful. A little comment or suggestion by someone in your workplace, about something that bothers you might cause a minor storm of stress. Don’t worry, once things are out in the open, your better angels will help you through it, and it will all be for the best. But prepare for some fireworks.

On February 26, the solar eclipse in Pisces will take place that will greatly affect your creative and romantic life. This is a time of newness with romance and creative endeavors. For work, you might be given the keys to a brand new project that you have been aching to undertake. In love this could be a new romance that bursts into your life. Neptune is close to the eclipse degree, which means that there could a profound spiritual element to your new-found creative or romantic ventures.

February will bring harmony to those born under the Scorpio sign. You will make new friends, and someone will become a lasting friend. A friend from the past may come into your life. Don’t allow anyone to take advantage of you. If you don’t want to be disappointed, then take time before you decide if you can trust them or not.

February is a month to be responsible with your money. It’s a good time to create a portfolio of stocks and mutual funds, or adding to one you already have. Continue to work hard so that you can take advantage of financial opportunities when they come your way, and they will.

Your social scene is very important to you, but it is wearing you out. Saying yes too often to too many people is not working for you. You need periods of quiet where you enjoy your own company. Look into booking a weekend away to somewhere quiet by a lake or near a beach. Your health and well-being are very important to you. February will bring you little pleasant surprises and token gifts. It is a promising time for appreciating love.



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