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Scorpio July 2017 Horoscope

Show Me The Money!

This will not be like another May- a month of serenity, July is going to be revved up with activity!  Be sure to have elements in your life that provide balance to deal with a crazy July, and for that matter, a very active Summer.  This can be as simple as quiet time alone each day with no interruptions.  Everyone needs a “reboot” button for at least 15 minutes a day, and July is the perfect time to make sure you have one in place.

Venus enters Gemini on July 4th, lasting until July 31st. This is a very interesting transition for Scorpio. You will find that you will benefit from secondary relationships and other means.  This could be a break through with a work partnership, or even an unexpected source of income. It will be a time where you are attracted to, and attracted by good people that are a benefit to you in many ways.

Scorpio July 2017 “Career” Horoscope

Mercury enters Leo on July 5th, lasting until the 25th. Your professional life is greatly enhanced by this event, particularly with your communication skills.  You will find that your ideas come across efficiently and effectively.  Take charge of projects, and be the lead dog.  People that you work with will find your arguments persuasive and it is a great time to get things done.

Scorpio July 2017 “Full Moon” Horoscope

On July 8th there is a full moon in Capricorn dealing with your professional life or your other projects, and Pluto has a hand in this event as well. Again, this is a boosting of your communication skills, and around this day is perhaps the best time of the year for you in terms of being vocal and in command.  July in general, is a great month for that, but the full moon will shine the light on you more so than any day of the year.

Mars transits Leo between July 20th and September 5th, dealing with your career. This is a turbo boost to your progress with your professional life and things you have been working on up to this point. It is a time to take the steps to move up the ladder, and you will have the energy and the determination to do so.

However, Mars is having its say, and you will want to make sure that all of your energy and ambition is taken the correct way, and make sure not to ruffle feathers along the way.

Scorpio July 2017 “Relationships” Horoscope

On the 23rd there is a new moon in Leo, and after a lot of events that provoke you to put energies into your professional life and other projects, this is the time you should be recognized for all of your hard work. There could be new opportunities as well, so be on the look out for them.

On July 31st, Venus enters Cancer, which lasts until August 26th. This is a wonderful transition, where relationships with family and friends operate very well and peacefully.  If there has been some friction, this is a time that it eases up.

You will need that peaceful transit, as August could be a time where drama runs high!

Scorpio July 2017 “Words of Wisdom” Horoscope

Trust your instincts.  Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance,  you may feel a loss of energy, loss of power, and a sense of spiritual deadness.  It is only when you follow your deepest instinct that you can lead a rich life.

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