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Exciting, Adventurous Times

As the last month was one of contemplation due to the relative astrological tranquility it provided, June will be a time of frenetic activity. May, hopefully, was a resting time where you built up your strength for the hectic days to come. The energies of Spring will be in full effect for you, Scorpio.

First, you should be preparing for a crazy month of varied events. Make sure you work on your balance, and take time to rejuvenate each day. Whether it is prayer or just silent contemplation, or a warm bath and a glass of wine, make sure you start to work on your daily routine of rebuilding your mind, body, and soul.

Angel of SCORPIO – Governing Angels

Mars transits Cancer between June 4th and July 20th, and you have a great opportunity to take the next steps in developing your mind. This could be new training for work, classes to expand your education, or even self training of a new skill. You will be quite receptive to learning during this transit. Your brain will be on the top setting to absorb new stimuli, so even consider an exotic trip to somewhere you have never been before. This is in stark contrast to the next Mercury retro which is between August 12th and September 5th, which is a time to keep low.

From June 6th to June 9th you have an incredible amount of astrological activity that will alter your world. Mercury enters Gemini, Venus to Taurus, and Jupiter turns to Libra. To begin with, Mercury transiting Gemini from June 6th until the 21st will directly improve and enhance your communication skills. You are able to digest info and research and process it into new and exciting content. Dive into new research projects, you will find that you are enjoying being a bookworm and doing analysis.

Now with Venus entering Taurus, which stays there through July 4th, your romantic and creative sides heat up considerably. This deals with any partnerships as well that you might have, including professional ones. You become very drawn to collaborating with people, and also with spending more time with loved ones.

Jupiter turning direct into Libra on the 9th, is the third piece of this hub of activity, and you will feel a great opening up of possibilities in your life. You won’t feel just like a cog in the wheel at work or with any projects, but will start to see your value and your life will start to expand from this day. This is a preparation for early October, when Jupiter will transit through your sign.

A full moon in Sagittarius on the 9th will profoundly change your finances. This is a sign that you need to shine the light on all of your finances. How are your spending and your investements going? Is your career going in the correct direction? Are there better ways you can be spending your energy to earn money? If you take a look at everything and are quite content, you can convert this energy into going somewhere new to satisfy your urges for new stimulation.

Mercury transits Cancer between June 21st and July 5th, and you have a wonderful sense of contentment. You are clear and uncluttered with your emotions and your thoughts, and it gives you quite a sense of serenity. Mars is also in Cancer until the 20th, and you are aching for more knowledge and insight during this time.

On June 23rd there is a new moon in Cancer and it is a time of opportunities for you, Scoropio! Don’t get caught in a rut in your same surroundings, you will need to meet the world and allow the opportunities to show themselves. Don’t miss out!

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