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Scorpio Horoscope – March, 2017

Everything is Possible and Up To You!

Venus moves retrograde through Aries from March 4th to April 15th, and for the start of the month, Mars is travelling through Aries. What does this mean? It means for most of the month and into April you will have forces pulling at you that are trying to create drama where there doesn’t need to be.

Little disagreements can easily become big ones. Financial aspects of your life can easily fall into chaos, and your communication will not be at its best. However, if you can go into this time with awareness, and a conscious effort to be patient and thoughtful, it is an opportunity to come out of it with relationships that are stronger than ever.

You will be a powerful friend during this time, and it is good to take advantage of that heightened awareness that people are important.

The start of the month does provide that push for you to get out and start new projects relating to work and your health. You are projecting an image that shows others that you truly value yourself, and this can attract respect and monetary rewards. People notice you, and you are gaining their respect.

Mars enters Taurus on the 9th, and impacts connections you have with people in your life. This will go through April 21. This will be a time of rising urges eminating from your deeply passionate side, that often can get supressed with daily life. Take the time to embrace it and plan on time alone with someone special.

Virgo will have a full moon on March 12, and this is going to directly impact your friendships. Spend some extra time reacquainting with old friends, make an extra effort to strengthen friendships with existing close friends, and consider letting some bygones be bygones with some friends that you might have lost touch with over arguments. Friendships are too important to lose.

You will be a powerful friend during this time, and it is good to take advantage of that heightened awareness that people are important. Giving to others is one of your strong points. You know the importance of compassion and understanding.

Mercury joins Uranus in Aries between March 13th and the 31st. You brain feels like it received a new super-high-powered light bulb, as you are over brimming with new ideas. It will borderline or even go over the line where you can control it, so make sure you also allow for proper organization of these new exciting ideas flowing from your mind. This is your time for innovation and progress, thinking outside of the box works to your advantage.

On March 27th, there will be a new moon in Aries, and this signifies a moment of new and exciting opportunities. It is the culmination of a lot of build up of seemingly scattered thoughts and feelings. This is the day of wonderful opportunities, so be open to the possibilities.

On March 31st, Mercury enters Taurus, and this is going to put your focus directly on all of the partnerships in your life. Spend some time being thankful to all of your friends, business associates, family members, and your romantic partner.

Travel is quite possible now, whether it’s business or personal. Educational and travel opportunities expand your horizons. You will come into the limelight, so be prepared.

You are restless with routines. It would be wise to look into a hobby that offers you variety and stimulation. You would benefit greatly from yoga and other mind-body therapies.


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