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A Change To The Positive

The transition of May is one that you will enjoy very much. Going from a few months of frenetic, sometimes negative energy into a time of calm and serenity will be very welcome by you. The hectic nature of your life will start up again this summer, so take this month to stop and appreciate the peace and serenity around you.

Mercury turns direct in Aries on May 3rd, and this is when you will start to feel the change in the world around you. You are clearer in your thoughts, and you feel the need to start solving problems instead of putting them on hold. Get out your old lists and start knocking out projects you have been waiting to complete.

You feel productive and positive, and it is time to put the retrograde behind you and move forward- always forward. Take some time to get out after work or on the weekends and discover little towns or new places. It is your time to burst forth back out onto the scene.

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You need interests outside the home. Your energy is so abundant that it’s difficult to expend it all in a tightly-knit family situation. If you can manage it, try to find an interest which you can share with a friend. You will feel fulfilled if you become thoroughly involved in whatever you choose to do.

On the 10th there is a Full Moon right in your sign, and your personal life is lit up off the charts. Your creative side is booming, and you feel a sense of spirituality come over you. Embrace the full moon, as it breaks up the clouds of confusion in your life and will shine the light on the positive aspects of your personal relationships.

You will feel things exponentionaly stronger today and the days around this full moon, and make sure you keep them in check. You are full of profound thoughts and your instincts are razor sharp, so use this to your advantage and for positive effects.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th, and this will deal with aspects of your life that binds you to others. You will be focused on formal agreements you have in your life, and will have a keen eye in making sure everything is in order. Taking a proactive approach will save you a lot of trouble in the future, and during this time you have a clear grasp of what contracts and other binding agreements you have and whether they need to be changed, dropped, or enhanced.

On the 26th, there is a New Moon in Gemini, joining Mars. This is a time of incredible opportunities. These windows of possibilities don’t come around often so get ready to embrace new possibilities for work or with relationships. This could also deal with people around you that are in your sphere of influence. Close family members or romantic partners could be getting a windfall. Be happy for them and support their new found gain.

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