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Superbowl 2018 Quarterback Horoscopes

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In the upcoming days to Superbowl LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota, here are some highlights of the monthly horoscopes for February for the two starting quarterbacks, the stars of the game:

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Tom Brady, Quarterback of the New England Patriots.  Birthday: August 3. Zodiac Sign: Leo.

Besides a solar eclipse in the middle of the month, February 2018 looks to be one of the quietest astrological months of the year for you, Leo. January had some ups and downs, but started much better than in 2017, which started with a Mercury retrograde.

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Nick Foles, Quarterback of the Philadelpia Eagles.  Birthday: January 20. Sign: Aries.

After all of the holidays and the intense start of the 2018 calendar year, February looks to be quite a respite from hectic times. In fact, February 2018, astrologically, could be one of the quietest, and also most enjoyable, months of the year.

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