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Gemini Twins Sign

Gemini Horoscope – May, 2017

Tranquility Now! After a tumultuous April, May is going to be a calm, blissful time of clarity and peace. Mercury turns direct in Aries, and joins Venus on May 3rd to get things going… the next few weeks will be full of activity. You will feel…

Gemini Twins Sign

Gemini Horoscope – April, 2017

A Very Active and Introspective Time A crazy April awaits, and the better you are prepared and embrace it, the better you will be prepared for amazing times in the coming months. Since the fall of 2015, Saturn has been going through Sagittarius, right through the…

Gemini Twins Sign

Gemini Horoscope – March, 2017

A Wonderful Time To Make Money On March 4th, Venus is going to turn retrograde in Aries, from then to April 15th, and this will become a time when you are going to have to be extra careful with your romantic life and with your friendships.…