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A Preparation for Amazing Times

April is going to be a month of frenetic energies and is sort of setup month for positive things to come. On April 6th, Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius, which is the “grown up” part of our existence. This means all of the restrictions that are put in place in our lives, are there for good reason. So embrace that this is a time of grown up decisions, and grown up discipline.

Between April 6th and August 25th this is especially pronounced with elements of your life that you share, so business partnerships, home finances, etc. will be constrained by rules and regulations.

Don’t be afraid to ask for that promotion, or jump in and volunteer for that daunting project that no one wants to undertake.

Mercury enters your sign on March 31st, and until the 9th, when it turns retrograde, you will have a strong sense of pragmatism. You won’t make foolish decisions, and you will consider all of the consequences of any important decisions. Until May 3rd you will want to utilize this practical and logical side to stay disciplined, and simply don’t get into any formal agreements that you don’t absolutely need to.

Stay focused, and know that this is not the time for new adventures. Examine carefully any proposals put in front of you, and simply delay important decisions politely until May. Chaos will try to envelop your life at times, but don’t engage it. Better times for important life decisions are forthcoming after May 3rd.

This is a time for stability. If you are looking for success, it can be yours, but it will require hard work. It is important for you to be original and generate your own ideas and make your own decisions. Since you love your freedom, avoid being judgmental or over critical with others, as they may resent your control.

On April 11, there is a full moon in Libra, and this will enhance some problem with your career or a relationship in your life. This could mean a culmination of hard work and discipline with your career, and especially if you have finally made that big move regarding improving your health. In terms of a relationship, you have a new-found sense of what it means to cooperate in working on a relationship together.

On April 15th, Venus turns direct into Pisces, and your interaction with friends or friends of friends intensifies. You may find social media is finally being a major positive, or even embark on a new romantic quest with someone in your close network of friends. This might be something that is quite discrete, not coming to light for others until June with Venus entering your sign.

On April 21st, Mars enters Gemini and you become the proactive generator of positive things regarding your finances. You are the alpha dog. Don’t be afraid to ask for that promotion, or jump in and volunteer for that daunting project that no one wants to undertake.

April 26th is a major day for you to plan for. It is a new moon in your sign and it happens just once a year. It is a rebirth and the light is shining brightly that day in regards to setting the stage for the rest of the year. Be aware of the new moon and embrace the rebirth!

Your love of knowledge suggests that you enjoy groups where you can learn new information and skills. Your need for peace and harmony will attract you to intelligent people who practice positive thinking and can provide you with mental stimulation.

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  • Marko

    March 30, 2017

    Hm as of today’s Jupiter Pluto square quite challenging days. Hopefully April stresses will pass quickly. Thanks for monthly!

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