Taurus the Bull

Taurus Horoscope – January, 2017


Time to Evaluate and Adjust!

January for the Taurus is a time of awakening. You will begin to realize that you make your own life more difficult because you are not honest with yourself. Venus enters Pisces on January 3rd, forcing you to make some tough decisions.  It’s time to be free from situations that bind you and look towards the deeper meanings of events in your life. You need a broader understanding of how life works. It’s time for a proper rest to sort out your thoughts. Take that vacation you’ve been thinking about.

Clear your mind before making any decisions. By going away, you will be able to avoid any conflict situations that may arise at home and at work. When you have decided in which direction you wish to proceed, you will feel the heavy load of responsibility lifted from your shoulders. You will then be able to do what you know is right, and make a difference that lasts.

“You will experience newfound happiness with several people in your life, something you have been working hard to achieve.”

As a Taurus in 2017, you want to succeed. To do this you must rely on your own resources rather than depending on another person, financially. Other people will not be standing in your way. Investments will reward you starting in January. Keep your money secure with an eye on the long-term investments. Stick to your budget. Postpone high-value purchases for a few months until you can pay cash for what you really need.

There is a full moon for the Taurus in Cancer on January 12th as Mercury joins Pluto in Capricorn. It is the perfect time to be with family.

It is also the perfect time to bring new romance and friendships into your sphere. You will experience newfound happiness with several people in your life, something you have been working hard to achieve. Do not let ego or self-esteem interfere with these new relationships. Be prepared to receive spiritual information in a dream, sometime in the middle of the month.

There is a new moon on January 28th as Aquarius and Mars enters Aries. It is the perfect time to take special care of your health, and it is a time for healing.

Stay strict with your diet and take those long walks that you have been putting off. It’s a great time to enroll in some Yoga classes. Don’t let fatigue set in to affect your mental and physical limits during the cold, winter weeks of January. Addictive behaviors have to be addressed and worked on if you want to stay healthy.

Opportunities will arise for you to make some extra money. This will give you a wonderful outlook on life. Don’t let these special opportunities pass. Make the most of the many connections coming your way. Your plans should work out well and your goals should be achieved if you do the work. If you are prepared, you will make the right decisions.


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