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Taurus July 2017 Horoscope

Life in the Fast Lane!

After a May of peace and tranquility, you experienced a big upswing of activity in June, and July is going to continue to rev up your life. There are many specific events happening this month, so make sure you are fully prepared for the activity, and make time to get organized and to have specific quiet moments to reboot each day.

Taurus July 2017 “Finance” Horoscope

Venus enters Gemini on July 4th. This is going to last until the 31st, and is going to very specifically deal with money.  Money will be active during this time.  If things have been going well and you need to convert your money into joy, this is a great time… take a trip or buy something that will bring you pleasure.  However, you can do the inverse, and use that same energy to increase your earning power.  Whatever the case, embrace and identify what works best for you and your loved ones.

Also around this time, on the 5th, Mercury goes into Leo. This is going to last until the 25th.  This is a time where your home life is going to be a sort of hub of activity.  You will find it a time where you love to host others at your home, or perhaps you are taking time and energy and investing it into a major home project.  You will much rather stay in and have people who you love over to your house than head out of the house.  Again, make sure you find balance, and make time to get out so you can discover the joy of heading home again.

Taurus July 2017 “Full Moon” Horoscope

On July 8th, there is a full moon in Capricorn that joins Pluto. This will be a challenge to your inner calm, as your mind’s eye view of your place in the world seems to be attacked.  Stay off of social media, and just concentrate on your loved ones around this time.  Try not to get sucked into political or otherwise divisive arguments at this time.

Mars is moving through Leo from July 20th until September 5th. There is some heightened energies related to your family and home life during this time, which always has the possibility to be negative.  However, this is primarily about the potential to be extremely productive with home projects and family related activities.  If someone in the family starts to get agitated, be extra understanding and communicative, knowing that it is simply because of the increased focus on all things family.

Taurus July 2017 “Home and Family” Horoscope

On the 23rd, Leo has a new moon, also in this home and family part of your life. This is a time of opportunity, and something new will occur around your home or family. Creativity also could be highlighted, so be thinking about doing some writing, or taking time to embrace that side of your personality.

Mercury transits Virgo from July 25th to August 12th, and this is going to be a major boost to your creative side. Venus changes signs on the 31st, entering Cancer, through August 26th, and along with your heightened creativity, you will also have heightened communication skills.

Stay youthful but be dignified.  Accept maturity but don’t be too serious.  Loosen up and have fun.  Don’t close off or shut down.

Taurus July 2017 “Words of Wisdom” Horoscope

Those who have obtained things worth having  in this world have worked while others have rested.  They have kept on while others thought they had no hope.  They knew about the value of self-denial and singleness of purpose.  As a result, they enjoyed in later life the success so often thought of as good luck.  Good luck is the by-product of busting your fanny.  It favors those in motion.

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