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Taurus July 2017 Horoscope

Get Out There And Mingle!

May was a month of quiet contemplation and peace, but June is going to rev up almost immediately into a busy time full of astrological importance.

On June 4th, Mars enters Cancer and this is going to provide a lot of inspiration for your communication and networking skills. If you have had some ideas floating around that involve writing, either for work or a home project, this is the time to do it. Is there a work project that is in desperate need of written content? This is the time to find a quiet place and knock out page after page of quality work. Or perhaps you have an idea for a new blog, or even a whole new website on a topic that you enjoy. Mars will give you the initiative and your creative juices will be flowing. Don’t miss out on getting pen to paper, so to speak, during this wonderfully enlightened time.

Angel of TAURUS – Governing Angels

Taurus “Finance” July 2017 Horoscope

Mercury enters Gemini and Venus enters Taurus on June 6th. Furthermore, Jupiter goes direct in Libra on June 9th. This will have a very profound effect on how you deal with, and earn money, up until about the 21st, which is the end of the Mercury transit. So, from the 6th until the 21st, you will be very focused on your finances and how to optimize them. This could be a re-evaluation of your expenses, which will in turn, provide more spendable funds, or it could be an entirely new source of income. Regardless, take the time to refocus as your mind will be clear and effective dealing with finances.

On the 21st, Mercury enters Cancer and will join Mars dealing with communication. This is further enhanced on the 23rd, with a new moon in Cancer. This is all about networking, communication and even your home life. Embrace public speaking and writing. Your ideas won’t be encumbered with insecurities, and people will be drawn to your vocalized opinions.

Taurus “Career” July 2017 Horoscope

On June 9th, as Jupiter turns direct into Libra, there is a restart to your work environment. For some time you might have noticed that projects and ideas have been stalled with work projects, but now is a time to “reboot” and processes start to flow again. This will be caused by both external forces, but also you will find that you are becoming more open to other’s ideas and others will comment on how you are becoming a joy to work with. Take note of how this feels and the strides that you have made. It is something you will want to embrace from now on.

From June 6th to July 4th there is a Venus transit, and this is a magical time for your love life and your creative side. Internal hang ups disappear and you become uninhibited and full of joy. Others will be instantly drawn to this relaxed, creative, and expressive side of you.

Taurus “Full Moon” July 2017 Horoscope

On June 9th, there is a full moon in Sagittarius, and this brings us back to an enhancement with your financial life. It might even be a time of a windfall! So keep your eyes and ears pealed for opportunities on this day.

Taurus “Words of Wisdom” July 2017 Horoscope

Admitting weakness is a sign of strength, be secure in who you are.  What is hidden is sometimes best left that way.  Don’t stir up trouble. Follow the golden rule.  In dealing with others, give and take equally.  Unless we give part of ourselves away, unless we can live with other people and understand them and help them, we are missing the most essential part of our own lives.

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