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Taurus Horoscope – March, 2017

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A Flurry of Activity!

March is going to be a super active month for you, and a time where you can wipe away internal conflicts and day to day stress by getting out and moving! It is a time of renewal, especially on March 9th when Mars enters your sign.

If it is still cold outside where you are, start with an inside project that involves a lot of activity. Don’t worry, you will have the energy to do it and it will become a joy. It is necessary to get away from unwanted bad habits, which have been taking a toll on your peace of mind.

Be open to new ideas and don’t let your practical side rule over this new-found need for exploration.

You have good friends. Look for group activities that will give all of you the inspiration to get positive and face the world with renewed energy and purpose. Activity will cleanse your soul, and let the stress drip away as you relieve your brain of over thinking, and over doing!

Venus moves retrograde through Aries between March 4 and April 15, then it goes back into Pisces. During this time, you need to be extra careful with personal relationships, romantic relationships, and even finances. Avoid unwanted expenses and put on hold the purchases that are not important. No impulse buying in March.

Keep your eye on the stock market. Check your investments. Just be careful, and don’t make any rash decisions, and remember to step back and count to 10 when things seem to get too stressful. Relax, it will pass, and with a conscious effort to not let things get to you, you will get through it.

Between March 13th to the 31st, you will have a shift of focus from your practical and business side to a more creative and romantic side. Understand the importance of give and take. You aren’t always right. You will learn a new meaning for love and relationships. Be flexible with others. You are trying too hard to figure everything out. This could be simply an internal obsession over a new idea or new lover, and should be something you completely keep to yourself.

On March 12th, Virgo will have a full moon, and this is a great time to focus on a little creative project that might involve someone special, such as family or a friend. It is a great day to dive into something that is silly and fun, but that is also positive and enlightening. This might also cause you to have a little more focus on your health and making some better choices there.

On March 27th, Aries will have a new moon, and that could mean some new possibilities for you in a new project. This could be as simple as a little adventure or a new romantic involvement. Take time to get involved in physical exercises that help you tone your muscles. Walk outdoors more. Beware of what you eat and drink for the month of March. Your diet needs to be rebalanced for your betterment. March is a good month to make these changes.

Be open to new ideas and don’t let your practical side rule over this new-found need for exploration. Your perspective of your life shall change for your better. Learn to adapt to the needs of those close to you. Help out and you will be rewarded.

On March 31st, Mercury will enter your sign and this will be a sort of countdown for a little over a week for you to stabilize your finances and other things that are related to your everyday life. Back up your files, check your bills, check your to do lists. Make sure your life is in order. Act with integrity, avoid misunderstandings, and things will work for you.


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