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A Peaceful Time


After a few months of calamity, May will be a month full of serenity and clarity.

On May 3rd, Mercury turns direct into Aries, which is a good thing for Taurus. Mercury, Venus, and Uranus will all be in Aries now, and your inner drive to enjoy life will be bursting inside of you. You will feel like you need to hit the road and experience new places and experiences.

Spend the month doing weekends in new towns or at very least visit sites around you that you have never been to before. You are the captain of the ship, but don’t feel you need to explore alone. Take along your significant other, or family and friends. Just don’t deny your adventurous side during this time.

On May 10, there is a Full Moon in Scorpio, and it is a day of increased senses, and awareness of your most intense partnerships in your life. This could be your spouse, or significant other, or a business partners. Don’t get caught up in any drama at this time. You prefer to be given a free hand to make all your own decisions, and you dislike taking orders from others, so make sure any decisions that you make are intelligent and wise.

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You will have an enhanced clarity and able to finally see the truths of how these partnerships are going. Shall you continue on or maybe you finally see the light and need to make a change? You have a great sense of humor that will prevent you from becoming too self-obsessed and compulsive, and it will help you make the right decisions.

Mercury transits Taurus between May 16th and June 6th. It is a time of calm and peace. Your insecurities melt away and you feel very comfortable in your own skin. This is a happy time for you and if you identify what is making you happy, or more accurately, determine what has been making you unhappy, you will be able to parlay this sense of contentment into a more permanent state.

You have lots of personal power. Your leadership technique is to include others in the fact-finding aspects of any decision-making process. You are given loyalty in exchange for an opportunity to be listened to.

You have a natural flair for the spoken and written word. Once you have mastered your craft, you like to show others how talented and clever you really are. You always make a very good first impression. Naturally adventurous, you need to find a real base or a home that you can call your own.

On May 25th, there is a New Moon in Gemini and this will deal with your finances and joins Mars as well. This combo will bring forth new possibilities for earning potential. This could deal with new media, such as a new website that generates revenue, or something to do with social media or the web.

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