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Taurus Monthly Horoscope – November 2017

Tranquility after the Storm

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: Sometimes having an uneventful month, astrologically, can be a glorious thing. And this is what November has in store for you, Taurus. Yes, the last few months have had plenty of events, both positive and negative, but total quiet time is needed to completely reboot your mind, body, and soul.

Much like they have found that you should stop working or studying a few times an hour to be more productive, so is it with your astrological influence.

From time to time, and hopefully on a regular basis, the planets take a break from having input in our lives, and they let us take a breath and just ease down into a state of calm.

There are just four meaningful astrological events happening in November that merit discussion. Don’t worry, things will heat up soon, but for now, take the time to shift things into neutral.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope – Full Moon

There is a full moon in your sign on November 4th, which is fairly significant, albeit a fairly regular event. This full moon is going to shine a powerful light on your private, personal life, and it will reveal an issue that has been festering for some time.

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A full moon can often be viewed as a negative, but in reality, it simply reveals something that is there that you have been consciously or unconsciously putting off dealing with.

When a full moon is concentrated on your personal life, it is important to pay attention and allow the illumination to show you the friction that needs to be resolved. It is a definite positive event!

This full moon also will put the focus on some long term undertaking that is coming to completion. It is a milestone type event that will let you know now is the time to wrap up a project, and also it is a good time to commence some new, exciting endeavor.  Full moons are productive days for those that understand, embrace, and accept them.

Finally, this full moon will mean that your social life is going to have a major boost right around the day of the event. Get out there and mingle, or take your special someone out on the town.

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