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Taurus September 2018 Horoscope

Taurus September 2018 Horoscope

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Taurus September 2018 Horoscope: September is the fading of summer and the start of fall, which means an important time of change of the year. For you, Taurus, it is going to bring a lot of positive influences, particularly with romance and creativity.

Taurus Horoscope September 2018: Mercury In Virgo

To start, on September 5th, Mercury enters Virgo, and this brings wonderful benefits to your romantic side. If you have someone special, your communication will be excellent and considerate. If you are single, this transit will drive you to get out there and meet someone new. You are pushed with a desire to express your romantic side.

Saturn turns direct in Capricorn on September 6th, and will travel with Mars for several days. Complications with problems are easily dealt with during this time and you will have the energy and the clarity to problem solve exceptionally well.

Two events occur on September 9th, starting with Venus entering Scorpio. This transit involves partnerships, particularly romantic ones. You will want to expand your partnerships during this time, and communication will be key. This also applies to business partnerships that could grow during this transit.

Taurus Horoscope September 2018: New Moon

Also on September 9th, there is a new moon in Virgo. There is going to be a big change with the romantic side of your life. There are several influences over that this month, so be prepared to start a new relationship, or to strongly enhance one that already exists. As always, this also affects your creative life in the same way.

Mars enters Aquarius on September 10th, and will be doing so through November 15th. This is an exceptional time to get things done with work and projects. You are especially effective with getting tasks done, and this applies to any projects or work that you have.

On September 21, Mercury enters Libra. This is a time of reflection. You will find a very strong desire to find balance in your life. You know that you don’t want your work life to take over, and you will take extra time to make sure that your loved ones are not being caught in the shade of your work or other aspects of your life.

Taurus Horoscope September 2018: Full Moon

There is a full moon in Aries on the 24th to finish off the month. This could be a pivot point in your life. It will illuminate a deeply held and long held issue against someone. If you allow the full moon to reduce you to your core goodness, you can finally forgive and forget.

Taurus Horoscope September 2018: Words of Wisdom

A wise man usually looks ridiculous in the company of fools.


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