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Virgo December 2017 Horoscope

Virgo December 2017: The last year has been quite the ride, and December is shaping up to be an exciting, albeit potentially stressful month. For now, take a step back and consider how the year has gone for you.  Have you grown spiritually? How are you progressing on your goals and dreams? Are you evolving into the person that you want to be? How is your romantic life?  Are you giving enough energy and time into your love life and your creative impulses?  Are you making the world a better place each day?

These are all important questions, and sometimes the seemingly negative aspects of things like the coming Mercury retrograde are actually eye-openers. December will offer many opportunities for getting a true perspective on where you are in life.

Before we get into the retrograde, the month does start with a couple of days of solace. What occurs is that Venus enters Sagittarius and is there through December 25th. For the first two days of this (before Mercury goes retro on the 3rd), there is a wonderful sense of calm in your life. This will be lasting until December 25th, but the retrograde will be a bit of an opposing force to this for several weeks.

This transit of Venus in Sagittarius will provide joy and pleasure in your partnerships. For your romantic partner, this will mean a wonderful December where you can provide strength and love to each other during stressful times. For work partnerships, things just move along peacefully, and you work more in harmony than ever.

Virgo December Horoscope – Mercury Retrograde

However, the Mercury retrograde is looming, and it begins on December 3rd and lasts until December 22nd.  This is going to have the potential for double the stress and chaos, as it is coming at a time, with the holidays, that can be quite stressful for many in terms of planning, shopping, etc.

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The best plan for dealing with these types of stresses is preparation and planning. First, try to get your holiday planning and most importantly, your holiday shopping, done early. Next, find yourself a nice quiet place in your home where you can pray and meditate each day. You only need a few minutes to completely reboot your mind and to refuel your soul. Here is an excellent prayer and a meditation mantra that you can say everyday:

Prayer for Inner Peace:

God, who is more than we can ever comprehend,
help us to seek you, and you alone.
Help us to stand before all that we could do
and seek what you would do, and do that.
Lift from us our need to achieve all that we can be
and instead, surrender to what you can be in us.
Give us ways to refrain from the busyness
that will put us on edge and off center, give us today your peace.

OM RAM RAMAYA NAMAHA (with Mala Beads)

Use this mantra chant to rid yourself of negative energy and stress, and it will bring in thoughts of positivity and calm. “Om Ram Ramaya Namaha” is a very powerful mantra that can be used to combat the mightiest of negative energies.

Remember that the retrograde is going to create chaos, and simply be ready for that. Last minute plans are going to change, plans will get canceled, and friends and relatives might seem to let you down. Just remember that this is a temporary state and that everyone is being affected. Be bountiful in your forgiveness and charity and use prayer and meditation to refuel and refresh each day.

Use this mantra chant to rid yourself of negative energy and stress, and allow it to bring in thoughts of positivity and calm. “Om Ram Ramaya Namaha” is a very powerful mantra that can be used to combat the mightiest of negative energies.

During this retro that is set right in the hectic time of holiday planning, there are going to be plans that get postponed and canceled, and it is ripe with the possibilities of negativity and stress. It may very well seem that many friends and family members are causing you stress on purpose, but just know that we are all in this crazy situation together. Now more than ever, for this time of year, we need to embrace forgiveness and charity.

Mars joins Jupiter in Scorpio on December 9th, and this will be going on until January 26th. You are a super productive worker and thinker during this time. Your to-do lists are no match for your efficiency and energy levels. The planets have aligned themselves in such a way that you are operating at high gear all the time, and you wake up with an extra spring in your step.

This transit is wonderful to counter the dead weight that the Mercury retrograde seems to bring. You still don’t want to be making too many important decisions until the retro is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t chip away at tasks!  This is a time when you are least likely to put pressure on another human being for any reason.  There’s a peaceful rainbow-tinted aura about you that draws others in.

You may even want to dive into a new area of study while Mars is with Jupiter in Scorpion on the 9th. Your brain is excellent and absorbing new data and processing it effectively. Sometimes anxiety can be overcome simply by keeping your mind occupied!

Virgo December Horoscope – New Moon

On December 18th there is a new moon in Sagittarius, and this is coming just days before the end of the retrograde. Opportunities will arise with creating a new project that expresses your deeply-held opinions, or you might even get the chance at getting away on a trip.  Embrace these, but don’t make any important decisions until after the 22nd.

On the 20th, Saturn enters Capricorn, and will be there for two and a half years. Your creative side will be wanting to move front and center in your life for a long time. A few days later, Mercury turns direct again, and it is almost like a rebirth.

On Christmas Day, Venus joins Saturn in Capricorn, and your romantic and creative side are very much open to new adventures.

Virgo “Words of Wisdom”  December, 2017

We tend to choose a rut because it’s comfortable and requires no risk.  To get out of a rut, make daring new choices!


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