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A Time To Pivot Toward the Positive

Saturn moves retrograde between April 6th and August 25th regarding your family life. Inside your home your projects are stalled or seem to have obstacle upon obstacle in the way of completion. Don’t worry. Put that hammer or paint brush down and get outside. This is a time to be outside around the house and in the garden. You are especially focused on your family and rebuilding those relationships as well.

Mercury retrograde again from April 9th to May 3rd and this is look in the mirror time regarding your deeply held belief systems. How is your spiritual and religious side holding up? Do you need to spend some time and energy cultivating these aspects of your life?

Being a very sensitive person, you have suffered deeply in the past from disappointment and frustration. Don’t focus on the negativity. Think positive and take life as it comes.

Have you let these parts of your life, that feed your soul, whither? This is a great time to pick up a new book on spirituality or religion and awaken those parts of your mind.

On April 11 there is a full moon in Libra, and this is going to make you ponder all aspects of your finances. Open up the books and review the budget. You are clear, thoughtful, and patient with how you evaluate your spending and your savings. You don’t always have this clarity, so buckle down, this is the time when you will be at your best.

Evaluate the rates of returns on your savings, and see if your investments are really working for you. Money is important to you, you work hard for every penny. You value the security that money can bring so make sure you have good, long-term investment plans.

On April 15th Venus turns direct in Pisces related to your relationships, and on the 28th it enters Aries again. Your partnerships with work or at home may be more beneficial than you think, and spend just a little time and effort to appreciate these long cultivated relationships. You may even find a new business partner that sees the world and your area of expertise the same way, or in a complimentary way that you do. Keep open to the possibilities of embracing a new work partnership.

On April 21s, Mars enters Gemini regarding your career. From this day until June 4th you will be highly focused on your career. You are excellent and clear at networking… start building those important alliances you will need in the future to get things done.

You are forceful in your communications, but not rude… You are always clear and decisive, and people will respect that. You have a large circle of friends, and they appreciate that you are always generous and giving. When you are in a relationship, you have to remember to balance your own wishes with the needs and desires of others.

You are attracted to research and working for your community. Any job that you undertake, you always do it properly. If there is something that involves you writing, go for it… the words will flow out of you.

Being a very sensitive person, you have suffered deeply in the past from disappointment and frustration. Don’t focus on the negativity. Think positive and take life as it comes. The time is coming for you to have everything you need, and it will be here soon, at exactly the right moment.

On the 26th, there is a new moon in Taurus and this is a time of great opportunity. This means grandiose opportunities like a major trip, promotion or finding the love of your life. It will be proven that you are a loyal and supportive partner or friend to someone special.

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