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This Month, You are “The Thinker”!

Venus enters Aries on February 3, joining both Uranus and Mars. This could mean a very adventurous, romantic time that will be deeply passionate and fulfilling. Be warned, things could move very quickly here with that, and you will need to consult your more practical sides of your personality before making any big decisions. Not that the romance won’t last, but you will need to maintain some composure to not be overtaken by an almost uncontrollable romantic urge. Venus turns retrograde next month, so whatever was started will also have to sustain itself without the added push from the stars!

Your creativity will soar, so look out for a collaboration where you can bring exciting ideas to the table.

The time between February 6 and June 9 is when Jupiter is retrograde in Libra, a very important time for your finances. This might seem like a down time for money, but if you can weather the storm, it is also a great time to re-evaluate your financial planning. Take a full evaluation of your career, your spending, your investments, and your future.

Mercury moves through Aquarius between February 7 and 25, and this is a time for innovative ideas. You will be an increased asset with work, presenting helpful suggestions that will emerge from your increased intuition. In regards to your health and wellness, this is a great time to research and then start a new diet or health approach.

February 10 is a lunar eclipse in Leo. For Virgo, this could be an adventurous, although possibly stressful time as conflicts and stress points come bubbling up to the surface regarding formal aspects of your life, and also little conflicts buried deep in your personality. Some may look at it as a negative time, but for those that know the signs and are prepared for the revelations, it is a wondrous time for cleansing.

Mercury transits Pisces from February 25 to March 13, and again this is a wonderful time for you in regards to collaboration with work and in your personal life. Embrace any new possible partnerships during this window, it could be the start of something very rewarding.

On February 26 the solar eclipse in Pisces will bring about new and exciting partnerships. This could be a new friendship, or a business partner, but either way it is a time to embrace your aptitude at working with others. Your creativity will soar, so look out for a collaboration where you can bring exciting ideas to the table.

February is a month of new beginnings. Take care of any unfinished business that first may require your attention. Endings are necessary to clear away space for someone or something new to come in. Once you let go of the past, you’re more than ready to start over. Let go of the ties that bind and anyone who holds you back in life. Any decisions that you make, it’s important that they are made by you and not someone else. New opportunities will bring happiness and abundance.

Your mind seems to be more focused on having a good time than taking care of business. What’s happening is that you have a need to express yourself through something creative, like maybe a new hobby. Your energy seems to be somewhat depleted right now, maybe it’s time for a mini weekend away to do nothing but relax. Follow your passions and do more of what you love.


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