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Be Practical and Careful with Finances!

January for the Virgo is the time of the unknown. You become the seeker of truth. Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius, and you will be forced to make some tough family decisions. Always the optimist, you might over estimate what you are capable of doing. Tough decisions need to be made. When you build on a weak foundation, things might crack under the pressure. Relationships can be mended with more communication and openness.

“Regardless of who you meet out in the world over the next few months, you will have a secure base of operations at your home if you can keep the people you live with happy.”

Sometimes your hard work may not be generating the recognition you expect. This is not a time to give up for this is just a passing phase. Stay calm and try not to let petty things turn into full blown conflicts. New opportunities are coming, so hang in there. But while opportunities are opening in one area, friends could start to pull you in another. If you are in a relationship that does not respond to your needs, it is time to let it go. There may be things that you have kept quiet about, and if so, maybe now you are ready to face them.

Your career will move ahead at a slow pace. Promotions are coming! Seize every moment you are given. This is the perfect year for networking. You will be traveling frequently, and you will make a lot of contacts. Money will be a motivating factor in the career decisions you will have to make. Business decisions will come easier for you, and you will be given a good deal of support from your superiors. Your strong work ethic is going to impress your superiors.

The new year will bring you special relationships. Spend more time with friends and family and make conscious efforts to hear what they have to say. Go with the flow. You find it hard to trust, as you think everyone is out to deceive you. Keep your anger in control. Regardless of who you meet out in the world over the next few months, you will have a secure base of operations at your home if you can keep the people you live with happy.

Keep your money to yourself. Yes, it’s always good to help out a friend, but lending money right now would not be good for anyone. If your flow of cash is slowing down, reevaluate what is worth investing in. Your self esteem always seems to depend on what you have to offer financially.

On January 12th, there will be a Full Moon in Cancer and Mercury joins Pluto in Capricorn. Matters from the past are magnified on this date, so don’t make any hasty decisions until you weigh your options. Things are not always as they seem.

On January 28th, there will be a New Moon in Aquarius, and Mars enters Aries. You will feel like escaping your everyday responsibilities, but the day will soon pass and your positive attitude will return.

Are you taking care of yourself? It’s time to sleep and eat well, to learn to look after yourself, don’t burn the candle at both ends, and your life will take care of itself.


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