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Virgo July 2017 Horoscope

Creative Energies are Flowing

For Virgo, May and June were fairly hectic months, starting with a quiet May that slowly grew into a busy June. July is going to be a time that just continues the momentum and will be extremely busy with many astrological events.

Venus transits Gemini related to your work life between July 4th and July 31st. It is a very positive time for work and money and all of the grinding out on projects is finally paying off. Venus is very good to your professional life during this time.

But Venus also means a boon to your romantic and creative side.  It always does. As work is going well, your mood will increase and you will be more apt to be a desirable mate to a new romantic endeavor.

Mercury enters Leo on the 5th, where it will be until the 25th. You will have more clarity than normal, and it is problem solving time. Take time to make lists of problems that you are having in any area of your life and meet them head on.

Virgo July 2017 “Full Moon” Horoscope

On July 8th there is a full moon in Capricorn, close to Pluto.  Get ready, as this again will deal with your romantic and creative side. You have a new sense of wonder that you haven’t had in some time and that makes you very receptive in dealing with romantic partners, creative projects, and even with dealing with children, who still have that unbridled sense of wonder, everyday.

Mars move through Leo from July 20th until September 5th, and this means a lot of self analysis and thought. You are in tune with your sub conscience, and can do a house cleaning of your spiritual side. This is a time of preparation for some astrological events coming later in the year.

Virgo July 2017 “Activities” Horoscope

On July 23rd, there is a new moon in Leo and this very well could be a sign that you are going to be the person making things happen without getting much fanfare. You will find joy in this, and it could be just the beginning of bigger things coming in the next month.

Mercury transits your sign from July 25th until September 29th, a major event coming in the next few months.  It is a good time to get your thoughts in order and to start doing things like meditating or praying, so you can be prepared for interesting times ahead.

Virgo  July 2017 “Relationships”  Horoscope

Venus enters Cancer on the 31st, and you are a social butterfly. You might be a bit more emotional during this time, but who cares, it is a time of romance and excitement!

Friendships and rivalries are usually highly spirited.  Be yourself, but also be prepared to compromise.  Try to feel what others are feeling.  Put yourself in their place.  Perhaps you need to try a bit harder.  When you see something you want, go for it.  Harmony and balance will be appreciated in your family.

Virgo July 2017 “Words of Wisdom” Horoscope

The life that each of us lives is the life within the limits of our own thinking.  To have a better life, we must think in limitless terms of abundance.  Our best friends and our worst enemies are our thoughts.  You have to believe in happiness or happiness never comes.

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