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Virgo March 2018 Horoscope

Virgo March 2018 Horoscope: No sign is as adaptable to change as Virgo, and you are going to need it this month! After a fairly uneventful month, March is now going to have influential energies all over the place. There are many positives, but also a Mercury retro that will cause some difficulties.

Virgo March 2018 Horoscope: Full Moon

To get the month off to an exciting start, there is a full moon in your sign on March 1st. Around this full moon you will have amazing balance with your thoughts and emotions. You should make some time for pure enjoyment, as your body and mind are in total harmony.

Mercury and Venus both enter Aries on March 6th, and will be traveling in unison until March 31st. Venus, at that point, will move into Taurus. Also during that transit, Mercury will turn retro on March 22nd, and will be doing so until April 15th. But for the start of this transit on March 6th, up until when Mercury goes retro, you will be on a roller coaster ride full of passion and then doubts. It will be up and down back and forth, but all in all you will enjoy the ride in your romantic life.

Virgo March 2018 Horoscope: Mercury Retrograde

And you know the thing with Mercury retrograde- it is all about preparation. Before March 22nd, make some preparations. Find a time and a place each day to meditate. Reboot each day and be thankful for what you have. Also, make some extra effort to be considerate and thoughtful, and don’t let little issues turn into big issues.

Virgo March 2018 Horoscope: Jupiter Retrograde

Furthermore, back on March 8th, Jupiter will turn retro in Scorpio, and will be doing so until July 10th. As it has been expanding for some time, now Jupiter takes a different role. You will be more introspective, particularly about spiritualism and religious beliefs. You will also have a lot of private contemplations, so you might want to start a journal to record your thoughts.

On March 17th, there will be two events that will have an affect on your life. First, Mars enters Capricorn, where it will be until May 16th. Think of this as a major impulse and creative boost to your artistic and romantic side. You are roaring full of romantic impulses, and with that comes a major drive to create. Don’t let these impulses go unsatisfied!

Virgo March 2018 Horoscope: New Moon

Also on the 17th, there is a new moon in Pisces. This is going to deal with all of the partnerships in your life. With work, you could expand your partnership, or more projects could be taken on with those you work with. In your personal life, that next step could be taken with someone special.

On March 31st, you have another double whammy of events. Venus will enter Taurus and this means a great expansion of your world. A major trip, or a whole new career, or perhaps an exotic romantic adventure?

Virgo March 2018 Horoscope: Full Moon

There is also a full moon in Libra on March 31st. There will be news around this date, and it could be unnerving. However, what appears to be bad news, could in fact be good… be calm and patient and wait for all of the facts.

Virgo March 2018 Horoscope: Words of Widsom

“Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes the furthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.”

-Dale Carnegie


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