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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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Virgo Monthly HoroscopeVIRGO Monthly Horoscope

August 23 to September 22

May brings many Astrological Events. There are specific things to look for that could help us learn about ourselves and others. The way these energies might appear in a person’s life to help them on a path to success can be found by studying the planets. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are the personal planets which affect our personalities and immediate relationships. The more distant planets affect how we interact with the world in a more general way.

The Full Moon in May is a powerful time in the lunar cycle when the Moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy. Full Moons stir up our emotions and amplify mystical powers connected to the human spirit. Read about how this month’s Full Moon can yield incredible healing results, both physically and mentally. Full Moons bathe your skin in a soft light, while also illuminating the often overlooked crevices of your subconscious—giving you insights into your spirit and soul.

May’s Virgo Horoscope includes: Conjunction of the Moon and Venus, Conjunction of the Moon and Mercury, New Moon in Taurus, Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower, Mercury enters Taurus, Conjunction and close approach of the Moon and Mars, Conjunction of Mercury and Uranus, Moon is at First Quarter, Asteroid 8 Floria at opposition, Scorpiids Meteor Shower – The Moon at perigee, Asteroid 11 Parthenope at opposition, Venus enters Taurus, Mars enters Cancer, Conjunction of Venus and Uranus – Blue, Full Moon in Scorpio, Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter, Mercury is at superior solar conjunction and the Sun entering Gemini season begins, Conjunction of the Moon, Saturn and Pluto, The Perihelion of Mercury, Moon at Last Quarter, and Mercury in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces.

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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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Last Month's Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Starting on April 5th, the new moon is going to make you feel a little uneasy, Virgo. Add to that the three planetary retrogrades, and this could be one heck of a ride for you, Virgo!

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: New Moon

April 5 – New Moon in Aries. The Moon will located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night sky. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere.

The most important meaning of the New Moon is that it symbolizes new beginnings. The energy of the New Moon will make you feel motivated and inspired to achieve a goal you’ve been thinking about or to start a new project.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: Jupiter Retrograde

April 10 — Jupiter Retrograde Begins! It is a time for spiritual introspection and reflection. Jupiter retrograde means that whatever area of growth you need to work on needs to be done, as it is holding you back. The good fortune, increased wealth and new romance that could be in your future will not come until you have done the work. Jupiter goes retrograde until August 11. It’s a time for wisdom to take over your thoughts.

April 11 – Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation. The planet Mercury reaches greatest western elongation of 27.7 degrees from the Sun. This is the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the morning sky. Look for the planet low in the eastern sky just before sunrise.

Mercury brings an opportunity for positive communication. Mercury is your capacity to use language and symbols, and to be a messenger to others on the importance of being open and honest, and always interact with integrity.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: Full Pink Moon

April 19 – Full Moon in Libra. The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be fully illuminated. This Full Moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Pink Moon because it marked the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the first spring flowers. This Moon has also been known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Growing Moon, and the Egg Moon. Many coastal tribes called it the Full Fish Moon because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.

The Full, Pink Moon signifies an agreement of our souls uniting in the language of flowers. It is a Moon of prosperity and good fortune. Healing and feelings of protection are strong under this Moon.

April 20 – Taurus Season Begins. This is the day the Sun enters the Zodiac sign Taurus and leaves it on May 20, 2019. This time is seasonally associated with the flourish of spring, when the Earth is green and fresh. Astrologers call it a fixed sign, indicating stability, resistance to change, and the ability to ‘enjoy the people’. It is a time of indulgence and appreciation.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: Lyrids Meteor Shower

April 22, 23 – Lyrids Meteor Shower. The Lyrids is an average shower, usually producing about 20 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by dust particles left behind by comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, which was discovered in 1861. The shower runs annually from April 16-25. It peaks this year on the night of the 22nd and morning of the 23rd. These meteors can sometimes produce bright dust trails that last for several seconds. The Waning Gibbous Moon will block out many of the fainter meteors this year, but if you are patient you should still be able to catch a few of the brightest ones. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Lyra, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

This is the perfect time to Wish upon a Shooting Star. When beginning to observe the Lyrids Meteor Shower, close your eyes and relax. Focus on things that your heart desires the most. Pick the one that is most important to you. Stay focused on this one wish. Open your eyes and wait for the Shooting Star. State your Wish. Then thank the Divine Forces that helped you. Now live it as if it already happened!

It is believed that the act of wishing on a shooting star started during the time of Greek astronomer Ptolemy, around 127 AD to 151 AD. He wrote that sometimes the gods also got bored and curious and would occasionally peer down on earth. And in so doing, some stars slipped through the gap between the spheres and became visible as falling or shooting stars. He further added that the gods were more receptive to wishes made during times like those. Whether it is true or just a myth, tonight, look up at the sky and say, Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. Then enjoy the beauty of the twinkling stars above.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: Words of Wisdom

I am calmly centered in the moment, and this spreads peace to those around me.

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Virgo – The Virgin

“Virgos are always paying attention to smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance. Virgos are often tender but also very careful.”

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by Mercury. A virgin maiden holding a bouquet of wheat and wildflowers on the emblem of Virgo symbolizes wisdom and love of the land. The element associated with a Virgo is Earth. Wednesday, a great day for stability, is the best day for a Virgo. The best colors are (female) Pearl White, and (male) Forest Green. For centering, the best choice for a Virgo is the sun stone, Chameleon. Watch for your lucky numbers (Female) 5, and (male) 7. Your power number is 41.


What Makes a Virgo Tick?

People born under the Virgo sign are quick thinkers. They prefer to take care of others rather than have others take care of them. They are very dedicated to their family and friends and believe in helping the sick and the elderly. They embrace change once they understand what it entails. They are willing to fit in with whatever is going on and are always willing to adjust. A Virgo gets very frustrated if there is nothing left to do.

A Virgo will do their best in every task they attempt. There are no details too small to be considered and no effort tedious enough to be ignored. They are practical and hard working and always know how to solve problems. Virgos are known by their spot-on common sense. They tend to be organized, intelligent and helpful. Their grasp of details exceeds that of any other sign.  The Virgo female is a delight to chat with, she has a knack of story-telling that is almost believable.

The Virgo male is modest and shy and finds it very difficult to find a mate. The more they like you, the more timid they become. They have superior intellectual abilities, and prefer to step back and analyze before moving ahead. The female Virgo is very reliable and will help you out in a pinch. They are real thinkers and are known for their sound advice. They are practical in their spending habits and diligent in sticking to a budget. They have a love of cleanliness and order. As they like the peace and quiet, many Virgos prefer the single life. Once a Virgo clams up, it takes forever for them to be comfortable enough to open-up again.

Virgo people are quiet people, you will not find them at rallies or events. They are hard workers and do not tolerate others who choose to be lazy. They are savers of money and things and have a hard time parting with either. Because Virgos are careful with money and have an exacting nature, the first thought would be that they should follow a career in bookkeeping or accounting. The secret ambition of a Virgo, many times, is to be a Private Investigator or a Police Officer. They love the attention to detail and the opportunity to solve crimes.

Famous Virgo Personalities Include:

Jane Addams, Yasser Arafat, Lance Armstrong, Scott Baio, Anne Bancroft, Jack Black, Foxy Brown, Kobe Bryant, Warren Buffett, Ben Carson, Dave Chappelle, Agatha Christie, Chris Christie, Sean Connery, Harry Connick Jr., David Copperfield, John Dalton, Cameron Diaz, Elvira, Brian Epstein, Gloria Estefan, Jimmy Fallon, Tom Felton, James Gandolfini, Greta Garbo, Richard Gere, William Golding, Hugh Grant, Prince Harry, Paul Harvey, Salma Hayek, Buddy Holly, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., Mike Huckabee, Jennifer Hudson, Ivan the Terrible, Michael Jackson, Lyndon Johnson, BB King, King Richard the Lionheart, Stephen King, Beyonce Knowles, Ludacris, Roger Maris, John McCain, Melissa McCarthy, Grandma Moses, Bill O’Reilly, Tyler Perry, Pink, Rachael Ray, Bernie Sanders, Oliver Stone, William Taft, Paul Walker, Amy Winehouse.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope
Virgo was often drawn with a staff or rod in her right hand and an ear of wheat in her left hand. Virgo is thought to represent Erigone who on finding her father Icarius dead, hanged herself in grief and was raised to heaven for her piety. An alternative story identified her as Astraea, daughter of Jupiter (or Astraeus), who at the advent of the Bronze Age fled to heaven. Astraea has been identified with the Greek goddess Dike, and Roman Justitia.