Angel for AnimalsThe Angel for Animals is an Angel we can call when we need to protect and heal our fuzzy friends.  The Angel of Animals brings love, understanding and amazing healing.  She often shows herself surrounded by nature in flowing clothes, and holding an animal in need of blessings.

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Angel for Animals: Angel Ariel

Angel Ariel is the angel that oversees the protection and healing of animals and plants. She has been known to punish those who harm God’s creations. You can ask for Ariel’s help to take good care of God’s creatures and to provide healing that they may need, according to God’s will. She works with the Archangel Raphael when healing.  Angel Ariel naturally and constantly radiates Divine Love, and presence with Source. Connecting with her is comforting as she offers protection and healing help to animals, both wild and tame.

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Angel for Animals: Prayer for Healing 

O Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, Physician of all living things, who through thy love and compassion doth heal all manner of sickness and affliction: do thou O Lord visit this pet (pet’s name) of his (her) suffering and heal him (her) of every sickness and affliction. Also grant to me patience and acceptance of whatever you may deem worthy for this humble pet. Be with my pet in this time of need and help him (her) to be comforted by our care and love.

Whenever you need assistance with an animal, surgery for a pet, a missing pet, or maybe a stray that needs to find a home, call on the Angel of Animals, Angel Ariel, for help.  All creatures of our planet reflect this Angel’s love.   If you are looking for a physical connection with the Angel of Animals, try wearing a piece of jewelry made of coral or opal.  Try taking a quartz crystal and blessing it with this Angel’s healing for your pet.  Then place near their cage or bedding to assist your loved pet.

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Angel for Animals

Feed your pet in times of need.  Some animals may have problems eating food during their illness. Your pet should eat smaller portions to help them get the nutrition they need. Feeding your pet by hand can encourage them to eat. You can also offer warm, scented foods.

Human baby food, found in the small jars on your grocery store shelves, is an easily digestible choice for a cat or dog with tummy trouble. Just be careful to avoid ones that include onions, which can cause damage to red blood cells.

Do what you can!

Animal shelters are always in need of a helping hand. Whether it’s taking dogs for a walk, cleaning out cages, or answering the phone, your free time can be used to help shelters keep the doors open so potential pet parents can connect with their new family member. Wherever you’re located, items like towels, old newspapers, food, and kitty litter go quickly, so when your schedule doesn’t allow time to volunteer, consider donating these goods instead. If your local shelter doesn’t have donation or volunteer terms on its website, give them a call. They’ll be delighted to share a few ways you can help.

Angel for Animals: Do Animals Go To Heaven?


Do animals go to heaven? – From time to time, people wonder: Do animals go to heaven? We’ve heard people with great sincerity say, “If my fur baby can’t be with me, then I can’t be there, either.”

Angel for Animals

Placing restrictions on what can or can’t be in heaven is a fruitless exercise, much like debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. No one has brought back a report, and sooner or later we’re all going to find out anyway. God uses animals to help humans learn about love. From our pets, we learn mercy, compassion, patience, and understanding — and we also learn what it means to receive unconditional love.

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Angel for Animals: Animals in the Garden of Eden!

Angel for Animals

We’ve been taught in Sunday school that God created all the different species to be Adam’s friends and neighbors in the Garden of Eden. Revelation 21:1 says that heaven is a place where we will enjoy a glorious and perfect version of creation as we already know it! Recently Pope Francis told a young boy whose dog has died that paradise is open to all of God’s creatures.

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Angel for Animals: Animals Can Be Fulfillment!

Angel for Animals

God had literally created the animals before He had created Adam and Eve. God did this so Adam and Eve would have everything they would need to be happy and fulfilled in the new life that He was going to give them. If animals were not going to be fully enjoyed by Adam and Eve and everyone to follow after them, then God would have never created them in the first place.

Angel for Animals: Animals have an Animal Soul!

Angel for Animals

There is hope that our pets, and all creatures, will rise again. How and why? The reason you can have this hope is because from the very beginning of time, in the original state of holiness (the Garden of Eden) it appears there were animals. So, even though animals do not have eternal spirits, they are physical and have what we may call an animal soul. Since heaven is to be a place of unending joy, perhaps God will feel that it will not be complete for humans without their pets.

Angel for Animals: Animals and Noah’s Arc!

Angel for Animals

If God did not think the animals and living creatures He had created at the beginning were important, He would have never had Noah put them on the boat to save and preserve them. For God to go to this extreme length in order to save all of these living creatures shows us how much God really does love and care for all of the animals that He has personally created.

Angel for Animals: Animals in Heaven!

Angel for Animals

We at believe that God loves and cares for his animals and there is indeed a place for them in heaven. The pets that we had to say goodbye to are alive in heaven right now in their spiritual, perfect bodies and we will see them again.

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  • Clayton Borger borger

    February 7, 2021

    thank you i just lost a pet to cancer missing him alot i hope AERIEL IS TAKING GOOD CARE OF HIM I LOST A LOT OF PETD IN MY LIFETIME i miss them all i know we will see each other again love Clayton

  • Sandra M Quilico

    April 4, 2021

    I totally understand your pain. Lost my pup of 14 years to cancer. I was heartbroken.

  • Sarecia Norton

    May 4, 2021

    Bless the beasts and the children…??

  • Cherub

    May 22, 2021

    I can only pray and hope our animals who have passed are indeed in paradise and will be there with us when we join them. They are all very special when it comes to impacting our lives.

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