Our Lunar Princess

Secret Serendipity’s resident astrologer is our very own, Lunar Princess. She has been interested in astrology her entire life, learning from her grandmother, an immigrant from Romania.

astrology and candleOur Lunar Princess inherited her name from a local legend from the town that her grandmother was from, where the “moon princess” would grant wishes once a year to children. She has been doing astrology readings and monthly horoscopes for nearly three decades, and has traveled the world in pursuit of wisdom and inspiration.  We are grateful to have our very own moon princess providing light and hope through her inspired readings.


Clarity and Meaning


Our Lunar Princess charts with detail, her interpretation of the patterns of the planets, the Zodiac signs, and other astrological data available in the Universe. She analyzes the position of the Sun and the Moon, and how they interact with the different signs. The Moon changes signs every two and a half days, which makes its position a key element of the forecasting.

We at Secret Serendipity believe that everything in the Universe is One and is connected. The patterns of the planets reflect our lives on earth. Since we are all connected to the Universe by a force or energy (which we believe to be the Supreme Being and enhanced by Angel Guides) the connection demonstrates that everything in the Universe is One.

AstrologyA positive mind set is key to an enlightened forecast. We use our past as our teacher. Each of us is on our own distinct and personal path, which may be defined in different ways. Our Horoscope can give us the ability to get a feel of what is in store.

A Horoscope can only give us an idea about our future. You have a clear choice of whether what you read will become a reality in your life or not. Karma has to be taken into consideration, and it is important to always strive for good Karma when you are making choices. We should treat horoscopes as a map which helps us to guide our personality and help us to realize where we need a little direction.

Secret Serendipity and You

We all strive for an inner awareness, one that can help us understand the true quality and meaning of our life. If you are seeking increased self confidence or clarity of purpose and direction, your monthly horoscope can help point you in a direction that will help you understand your path. It is time for a new beginning and a brighter day.

SecretSerendipityRemember to keep your head up high and a smile on your face. There is nothing better than knowing what it is to be happy. There is no one more amazing than you.



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