Daily Astrology

Daily and Birthday Astrology

Daily and Birthday Astrology

Check your birthday, and check back each day for the daily astrology from Secret Serendipity!

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Daily and Birthday January AstrologyDaily and Birthday January Astrology

“January is a time of outer stillness. Nights are longer and days shorter. Astrologically, January is ruled by the heavenly bodies Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, which are all outer planets.” Read More


Daily and Birthday February AstrologyDaily and Birthday February Astrology

“In February, powerful forces are engaging in a metamorphosis of great proportion, and will show it’s wonders in the spring. It’s ruling planet Uranus makes us aware of our strong need for freedom.” Read More


Daily and Birthday March AstrologyDaily and Birthday March Astrology

“March helps us to have a natural compassion for the troubles of those around us. We learn that love should be unselfish and it is better to give than to receive. Our goal is to blend the mind, heart and spirit with hope for a springtime promise of a miracle.” Read More


Daily and Birthday April AstrologyDaily and Birthday April Astrology

“April is about humility, but most are quick to anger and eager to express their opinions, and they are just as quick to forgive and forget. Ruled by Mars, April is a time for doing. Patience is in short supply in April and this impatience can make one do something rash on a moment’s notice. ” Read More


Daily and Birthday May AstrologyDaily and Birthday May Astrology

“May falls under the practical Earth Sign, ruled by the planet Venus, and brings with it a time when one is basically unaware of anything outside their immediate environment.” Read More



Daily and Birthday June AstrologyDaily and Birthday June Astrology

“June is an Air Sign, always on the move and a time when people chatter on for hours. The month of June brings many personalities and changing moods. There’s just too much to do, to talk about, and to learn for us to to take the time to probe the depths of a single thing. ” Read More


Daily and Birthday July AstrologyDaily and Birthday July Astrology

“Motivated by the need to hide true emotion, July is a time of tragedy and comedy. The sensitive Water Element feels the transition of the spring awakening that has deepened into a mid-summer experience of beauty and adventure.” Read More


Daily and Birthday August AstrologyDaily and Birthday August Astrology

“The August soul is intrigued with the Sun, for the Sun is the source of all Life and Strength. The Fire Element of August has Summer in a full bloom of lazy afternoons, beautiful flowers and bright sunshine.” Read More


Daily and Birthday September AstrologyDaily and Birthday September Astrology

“Ruled by Mercury and with the added element of Earth, September can be a month of pressure, mental tension and feelings of disquiet. Summer is ending and the first awareness of the coming harvest is in the air.” Read More


Daily and Birthday October AstrologyDaily and Birthday October Astrology

“Belonging to an air sign, ruled by Venus, and very aware of the balance in life, October is a month where harmony in love and relationships is key. This is a month of ups and downs and avoiding personal conflicts as we walk the path of self-discipline.” Read More


Daily and Birthday November AstrologyDaily and Birthday November Astrology

“Belonging to a Water sign with the ruling planet of Pluto, November is a time to investigate life at a deeper, emotional level. November has us accomplishing things that other people consider impossible.” Read More


Daily and Birthday December AstrologyDaily and Birthday December Astrology

“Autumn and winter are bridged through December’s impulsive element of Fire. The December Jupiter-ruled wanderers and truth-seekers are looking for knowledge and independence and are trying to obtain freedom and well being.” Read More


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