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Love is the most powerful force in the universe. A simple, 3 card Tarot Card “Love” spread can help guide you through this complicated emotion.

The Nine of Wands represents courage, persistence and resilience. The Figure in this Card looks as if he has been caught off guard. He looks startled and surprised by someone or something that has happened. He is expecting to be attacked at any moment and must be ready to defend himself. There is a sense of anxiety here and an expectation of trouble on the horizon. This may be new trouble or the return of troubles from the past. When referring to relationships, The Nine of Wands indicates that you are very wary of relationships and may indeed have been hurt in the past. It is time to start afresh and trust more.

When the Nine of Wands Reverses, we can see the soldier who continues to guard his fortress or post, poised and ready for attack, from an enemy that is never going to appear. You must retreat from the battle ground instead of making a last stand. You have no fight left in you or have decided that the battle is of no importance and a waste of time. You need to step back and view the situation for what it really is. In relationships, it takes two to tango and if you keep tangoing with the wrong people, people who do not dance to the same rhythm as you, then your are bound to get your toes trodden on. It is time to move on.

Two of Pentacles suggests time management, adaptability and proper prioritization of tasks. As we enter the scene we see a fellow hop from foot to foot, juggling two Pentacles. This relates to your physical life and it can suggest that you are finding it all a bit of a struggle at present. You may be juggling several things at the moment and feel your life is bogged down with demands and commitments such as work, relationships. The Two of Pentacles reminds us not to fight the waves life hurls at us, but to float above them. You are strong, and can juggle anything life sends your way with grace and ease.

The Two of Pentacles often highlights the mistake of overspending. There is more money going out than coming in and the situation is not going to change in the immediate future. You may have had unforeseen expenses such as having to repair, or replace, a car or major repair work done on a house. This card suggests that you may not have put any money aside for a rainy day. The Two of Pentacles symbolizes unexpected events, and when reversed, the Juggler loses his sense of humor and balance. The Two of Pentacles Reversed can sometimes highlight a relationship where the finances of one is kept secret from the other.

The King of Wands symbolize high expectations, leadership and new visions. The King of Wands sits on a throne which is adorned with salamanders and lions. He wears a majestic, yellow cloak richly detailed with large salamanders. This shows your ability to delegate is strong and this is an indication of a new level of maturity – you can trust other people instead of trying to do everything yourself. This Card also symbolizes that you are the one who is ready to commit to someone even if you are still focused on your career and work. In relationships, your charisma is at an all-time high and you can seduce a great catch with a dramatic ease.

When the King of Wands Reverses he topples from his throne and loses his crown. Lying in the dust, his Wand broken by his side, he looks sad and pathetic. He has either lost his power or it has been taken away from him by another. He has lost the control he demands. The King of Wands Reversed may suggest that the person you are interested in, or drawn to, is aware of you, and interested too, but will not make a move. Even if you have managed to give them your cell number don’t expect to get a call or text no matter how much they like you.

3 Card “Love” Tarot Card Spread Positional Meanings:

  1. You and your role.
  2. Your partner / lover’s role.
  3. The interaction between you two.
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