Chinese Ox

Chinese Year of the Ox

Were you born in one of the Years of the Ox? They are 1901, 1913, 1925. 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033.  The Chinese Year of the Ox was originally known as the Chinese Year of the Buffalo.

The Chinese Year of the Ox is the second in the 12 year cycle of Chinese Zodiac Astrology. Of the five elements, they are of the element Earth, or Tu. Their lucky flower is the Peach Blossom.

Year of the OxThe Ox hides an intelligent nature behind a pretense that confuses those around them. They are quiet and patient, precise and methodical, balanced and self-effacing. Their skill lies in their ability to listen to the deep, unspoken needs of others.  They have the ability to put into words what others feel, without passing judgment.

The male is often a chauvinist, and that is why he is often criticized. It is not always easy for him to speak eloquently, but he can write very well.  His problem-solving strategies are win-win solutions for clients and customers.  He seldom leaps to conclusions in his career or his interactions with others.

The Ox finds all too often that those nearest to them fail to understand them. They are deeply fond of their family and want it known that they are the boss and their word is law. In return, they will make any sacrifice for those close to them. They are very close-knit with their family, and if there is any kind of dissension in the family, they will handle it. The female Ox makes a splendid hostess. She’s the one who likes to make decisions for the family, both in entertaining, how their money is spent, and the vacation trips they like to take.

They like the outdoors, but the conditions must be comfortable. They will go camping, but they better have the best during the trip. They don’t want all that dust floating up all over them, getting them all dirty and grubby. They love animals. They have green thumbs, so they are good with plants, gardens and farming.

If you were born in one of the years of the Ox, you are primarily interested in ideas, and are drawn to those that admire you for your fine mind. You find it hard to find a balance between the productive, result-oriented side of your nature and the creative aspect of what makes you who you are.

The Ox is tender, devoted and sensual, but very seldom romantic. Those born under this sign will never be jealous and will be sentimentally faithful. They can make an ideal relationship and marriage with the Rooster, whom they will allow to shine undisturbed. The rapport between these two conservatives will be perfect.

In life, the Ox is fascinated by the Monkey. To succeed, they need the Monkey’s genius for fantasy and imagination. Unfortunately, the Ox and the Monkey will never settle down together so it’s best for them to keep their relationship as just good friends. It is important to beware of the Goat. Capricious and fickle, the Goat can set the scene for a big drama because of their disconnect with those born in the year of the Ox.

The Ox with another Ox would never work.  There is too much of a conflict of authority.  If she’s an Ox and he is a Rat, now there are a couple of good ones.  The woman wears the pants, but she is faithful and realistic and she’ll make the Rat happy.  If he is the Ox and she is the Pig, the Ox can get a lot from the Pig, the Pig will put up with anything, except too much seriousness.  They know the value and meaning of living each moment as it comes.


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