Daily Astrology

April 10 Astrology Reading

Jupiter begins Retrograding in Sagittarius tonight, and will not end until August 11th.  The Moon is in Taurus, a Moon strong of character, and we should be celebrating. But people can be disrespectful, they can say and do mean things. They do this every day. How people act would not annoy you unless you had similar feelings, attitudes or behaviors. When people are intimidating or trying to control you, imagine them as one inch tall. See them as small children throwing tantrums for they are expressing their little selves, not their Higher Selves. Try sending them love and acceptance for who they are, rather than getting angry at them. Open your heart and make your own energy beautiful.

People born on April 10th love to make an occasion out of anything. You are flamboyant and love adventure, with a passion for traveling. Sometimes long sea journeys and more regularly on long walks over hills and fields, where you find comfort and calm in Nature, you find your peace. Although charming and gracious, you have a tendency to rush into relationships.

Daily thought for April 10th: If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem.

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