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Pundit Pet has a unique way of interpreting Tarot cards. His readings strive to help people understand what might be happening in their lives. So many people don’t have access to therapy, so Pete uses the images of the cards to bring up something that would trigger relevance in your life that might need acting upon. Pete shows us that there is always more than one truth to every situation. He will not hold back! Alternative viewpoints can help us understand what is really happening.

Pundit Pete uses these online cards as his tools of introspection. The magic of Pundit Pete’s reading shows how the cards give you the confidence to unlock and confront feelings that you otherwise wouldn’t and prepares you for realizing there are different ways of solving problems. It is good to consider that things might not be exactly what you associate them with and there are other ways of understanding why things happen the way they do.

Tarot readings tell stories — stories that might not always have a logical sense but have instead an intuitive meaning. The story is guided by a feeling, or perhaps the mood a color suggests to the receiver, or strange coincidences in the pictures. This is a creative act. A reading by Pundit Pete helps one to reach into themselves for the answers. There’s something dreamy, archetypal, and intense to Pete’s Tarot Reading as it can touch a part of ourselves we don’t care to admit exists.

Pundit Pete gives you a reading that is about you. It is whatever you need it to be. And sometimes that means it’s the tough-love truth you have been unwilling to face.

When you’re out in the world, keep your eyes peeled for real life manifestations of your cards. Tarot might be a centuries-old art form, but its concepts and scenarios are as relevant as ever. Looking for chances to see your cards’ meanings in the world is a great way to put tarot’s ideas into action! Don’t forget to check in each month on the New Moon, with a follow up for the Full Moon. Is there a Solstice coming up? Things change with the alignment of the planets, Sun and the Moon. Better line up a tarot reading

The deck is shuffled for you, when you arrive on this page.

Click each Tarot Card to reveal it, then click again to see the description. Match to the Card Position Below. Enjoy!

  1. Right now how you feel about yourself.
  2. Your current desires.
  3. Fears
  4. Forces in your favor.
  5. Forces against you.
  6. Outcome.

The Magician Card stands for the Self, the Ego, the Will. He stands proud and tall. His appearance is commanding and regal. He holds a large crystal wand in his right hand and points it towards the heavens while he points with his left hand to the ground. The Magician understands the nature of energy and knows that there is a limitless supply available to him. However his secret power lies in his ability to manipulate this energy to serve his own needs. The Magician makes things happen and so too can you once you have the right tools and skills properly applied. You have unlimited power to use wisely.

The Reversed Magician suggests that you might be under-skilled or inadequate in a situation you are currently involved with. He is telling you that you have neither the right tools nor a workable plan to make it a success. He can indicate that you may be trying to run with a new idea or project before you have adequately finished another. Impatience and frustration may be evident as you desire to be free to get going with your plans. He will stop at nothing as he believes the end justifies the means. The Reversed Magician is often out of touch with reality. You need more time for clear thinking.

On top of a snow-covered mountain, around midnight, stands The Hermit. The Hermit is a card for taking time out to reflect on where you are going in life. It is a time to withdraw from others, and to contemplate your purpose. You need time alone to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, to remove yourself from daily life, to contemplate your path and the values that are important to you. If we look at The Hermit, his focus is on a downward journey and the climb, therefore it suggests that you are coming out of a relatively lonely, solitary time in your life. You’ve finally found your light.

When The Hermit is Reversed, it represents you feeling left out in the cold by family or friends. You may be an outcast on the fringe of society. Solitude might have been necessary for your peace of mind at one point, but The Hermit Reversed is telling you that it’s time to come back to the world and the people around you. It’s time to snap out of this negativity, lift your head and open your eyes. Until then you are in sort of a coma. This card is trying to help you because you are now experiencing some aspect of separation that is not healthy for you. It’s time to reconnect with someone or something.

The Tower Card has a tower, burning on top of a mountain, and two figures jumping to safety. It represents how trapped you are feeling of a certain situation but don’t feel like you have the inner strength to bring about the change. This card represents a sudden wake up call in your life. It’s time to figure out what is not working for you. You are stronger than you think you are and very able to sort out what you fear. Once you free yourself of all the negative, you will be much wiser and better informed to continue on your journey.

When The Tower Reverses, it signifies an end to your difficulties, something that was thought to be devastating, turns out to be a false alarm. You may also have a situation that seemed to be collapsing, but instead of accepting it, letting go and moving on, you continue to work on it and things seem to be getting better. But if you have ignored a warning of something negative to come, it will approach from a different angle the next time and needs to be handled. Don’t put things off any longer, do your best to solve an important issue. One step at a time will help you fix this.

The Lovers represent the level of, and quality of, communication within your relationships. For a relationship to remain healthy, active and forward moving is essential to keep a strong two-way flow of communication in operation. If your relationships are generally successful then you have little to worry about, but if you have a pattern of getting hurt or taken advantage of, then it may be you that is at fault and not the partners you choose. Due to The Lovers connection with Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden temptations of the flesh may be an issue for one of you. No one is perfect, always be kind.

The couple represented by The Lovers Reversed no longer knows how to make each other happy and have lost their spiritual connection. It might be that they prefer the heady romantic stage of a relationship only to find that it fades after a period of time. The Lovers Reversed often suggests low self-esteem and a lack of love for oneself which may be the root cause of relationship problems. The Lovers appearing Reversed may suggest that now is not the right time to move forward, or make changes, in whatever situation you are in. Some people are not meant for restricting relationships.

When the Justice Card appears, it can mean that whatever situation you are in at present is turning out just as it should. The laws of Karma apply right now. You are reaping exactly that which you sewed. The scales are balanced. Karma always works. It is a time for you to sit down and think about how things are for you right now, and what you have said and done to make things happen. Be honest with yourself first and then be honest with those around you. You must consider the result of your actions when Justice appears because your very future depends on it. Good Karma will come your way.

When Justice Reverses, you may feel that life is treating you unfairly at the moment. Justice Reversed suggests that you are not willing to take full accountability for your actions and may try to ‘dodge the bullet’ and blame others for your mistakes. You are being dishonest with yourself and others when you do this. If you are making an important decision that will impact others, be aware if you are holding on to any prejudice or bias that could sway your decision unfairly. Sometimes life gives you a hard path to follow, even when you have done the best you can. Try to stay positive for things always change.

The Death Card depicts a knight in black armor with a skull for a face riding on a giant white horse. The area through which he rides has a body of water with a ship. The Death Card shows that something has ended and something will begin, and it doesn’t care if the end is painful and the new beginning welcomed or vice versa. The card implies the need to let something go. Often we like to hold on to aspects of our life even after they serve no more purpose. Now is the time to let go of that which is not helping you or bettering your life in some way.

When The Death card is Reversed, it suggests stagnation or avoidance of necessary changes for growth. It signifies that it is time to let go and make changes instead of resisting, because if you choose not to, the Universe will do it for you. The Death card represents the Sun Sign of Scorpio. One of the lessons for Scorpio is to learn to accept change and not be so fearful of it. There is often strength in surrender. If we remain strong and positive through the dark times we are assured that the sun will rise once again and dispel all the gloom.

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