Daily Astrology

April 25 Astrology Reading


The Waxing Gibbous of the Moon is approaching, and emotions appear muddled. We are confused and realize we do not have the right to disrespect another person. Every one of us has qualities that should command respect. It’s time to be more understanding and accepting of the differences in others. When one is humiliated, they can almost feel their heart shriveling. When we interact with others, we shouldn’t come from a place of fear, but be open to embrace others who are different from us. Compliment someone today.

People born on April 25th are adventurous and courageous on the one hand, and guarded and cautious on the other. Kindhearted and diplomatic, you go out of your way not to offend people. You have a deep reservoir of wisdom and an extremely creative imagination. You love having things your own way and your ego requires a lot of stroking.

Daily thought for April 25th: The person who most vividly realizes a difficulty is the person most likely to overcome it.