Daily Astrology

April 30 Astrology Reading


Today is the day of the Full Moon. It is a day to Expect the Unexpected. Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. The unexpected might not always be nice, but it is the signal of an opportunity. Expecting the unexpected is a way of living. It’s about being prepared. About being ready. About enjoying the twists. It’s not a process, you cannot formalize life, but you can enjoy it. Try to always be prepared for the worst. When you prepare for life, you will be much more at ease on a daily basis and ready to handle unexpected occurrences. Something positive that you did not expect is going to happen to you when you least expect it. Be prepared, for it is the day of the Full Moon in April.

People born on April 30th are daring and independent. You have a character with strong values and sound judgment. Naturally dramatic, but disliking to take orders from others, you may find it hard to accept criticism. You are usually courageous and stick to your guns when you believe you are in the right. Dancing is your perfect exercise.

Daily thought for April 30th: Life is a series of relapses and recoveries.