2023 Year of the Rabbit Chinese Astrology

2023 Year of the Rabbit Chinese Astrology!

According to Chinese Astrology, the Water Rabbit holds the role of 2023 “Animal of the year.” In Chinese culture, rabbits represent the Moon. Some say it is because the shadows of the Moon resemble a rabbit. Others say it is because of the rabbit’s pure characteristics. Coming after the tiger and before the dragon, the rabbit is 4th in order of the 12 year Chinese Zodiac cycle.

Although this year is marked by a calm energy, you must be wary of falling into a prolonged lull. Be mindful of any tendency to hesitate or succumb to indecision, and apply a contemplative approach and confident attitude. You will benefit this year from a more relaxed pace in which more effort should be exerted on self-reflection and achieving balance.

By nature, the rabbit is easy going, and also prefers to avoid conflict and not take unnecessary risks. This is a year to show patience, modesty, and kindness, which help in establishing strong personal relationships. In regards to romantic life, the year of the Water Rabbit can be quite sentimental but a change of pace every now and then is necessary so one does not get bored with routine. The year of the Rabbit is one of stability, and this influences one to lead a smooth and peaceful life.

The art of living is making a strong comeback in 2023, the year of the Water Rabbit. With this amazing Rabbit, friends will become closer. People who have lost touch with each other will find each other again with joy. It encourages and promotes those small attentions that have fallen into disuse. This year, sending cute cards for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries will be appreciated. Offering flowers or small gifts, just to please, will enchant hearts and minds and bring joy to friends and family. Moreover, it will bounce back feelings and delight romantic spirits that have diminished in the past.

According to Chinese Astrology traditions – lucky numbers bring fortune, and unlucky can cause troubles and adverse events in life. Buying a lottery ticket, or choosing a date for wedding – pay attention to numbers. Be mindful of these in 2023.

Lucky Things for Rabbits:

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9

Lucky Colors: red, blue, pink, purple

Lucky Flowers: snapdragon, plantain lily, nerve plant

Lucky Directions: east, southeast, south

Things Should be Avoided:

Unlucky Numbers: 1, 7, 8

Unlucky Colors: dark brown, dark yellow, white

Unlucky Direction: northwest

Career advancement, promotions, and possibly financial coups, may be ahead this year. There are unexpected benefits to be reaped, and investments or funds could be recovered that were once considered lost. Joy and romance may come this year. Projects that one has been working on will finally pay off.

For 2023, the year of the Rabbit, there is a need to become more conscious of our surroundings. Always keep an eye on your back because you never know who could turn on you. Avoid falling back into old habits, as they could be impeding your development. As this is the year of the Water Rabbit, we are advised not to panic if we have to work extra hard this year to meet our goals. Doing our best and working hard will be well worth the effort.

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