I am sowing seeds of joy, peace and love.  The angels guide my steps.

St. Thomas Aquinas says that human beings need guardian angels to guide them to choose what’s right because sin sometimes weakens people’s ability to make good moral decisions: “By free will man can avoid evil to a certain degree, but not in any sufficient degree; for as much as he is weak in affection towards good on account of the manifold passions of the soul.

Likewise universal natural knowledge of the law, which by nature belongs to man, to a certain degree directs man to good, but not in a sufficient degree; because in the application of the universal principles of law to particular actions man happens to be deficient in many ways.

Angels do not want us to pray to them as we pray to the God we worship, but we can’t expect guidance from them unless we ask for it. You can call out to any Angel for assistance and one will come. It’s through communication and contact that you may discover what your Angels are better at. An Angel that may “specialize” in something for me, won’t necessarily be the Angel that would work best for you. It’s through communication and contact with your Angels that you find the one that works best for you in any given situation.

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