It’s not just that God said we should love one another.  He also created the universe in such a way that, in time, we are sure to learn to do just that.  If everything we do has a consequence, if everything we do comes back to us, then surely we will come to learn that it is ultimately in our own best interest to put out into the Universe only what we want to get back. ~ Marianne Williamson ~

The Law of Consequences is nothing more than “cause and effect.” It tells us how important it is to accept personal responsibility for your life. It’s easy to blame others for our problems, but that’s not how things work. When you blame others for bad things happening to you, you create your victim mentality. Start taking responsibility, you will feel better about yourself.

Things do not happen by coincidence. Every action has an opposite reaction. What you put out in the Universe will come back to you. This is known as the Law of Karma and is the ultimate law of the Universe. Everything is connected to everything else. Wishing that life situations will be magically transformed without any effort by you will not happen. Positive actions are needed if you want meaningful outcomes. If what we want is happiness, then we should be happy. When you live within the laws of the Universe, life will seem easy and effortless.

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