YOUR INNER WISDOM (With Affirmations)

There are no prescriptive solutions, no grand designs for grand problems.  Life’s solutions lie in the minute particulars involving more and more individual people daring to create their own life and art, daring to listen to the voice within their deepest, original nature, and deeper still, the voice within the earth.    ~ Stephen Nachmanovitch   ~

Your inner wisdom is always there, just like the sun is behind the clouds on a rainy day, waiting for you to relax.  All you have to do is calm down and pay attention.  Don’t be in a rush. Don’t try too hard. Settle your mind of cluttered thoughts and say some affirmations that you are comfortable with. Your inner wisdom will do the rest.

Inner Wisdom Affirmations

I trust my Inner Wisdom.

I attract love, wealth and wisdom.

I am divinely inspired and guided in all my ways.

I have the wisdom to face any challenge successfully.

Wisdom and wealth flow into my life naturally.

I will feel healthy, I will have energy.

My inner self always knows what to do.

I am healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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