Thank you God, for you have blessed me with happiness and my journey is endless, as happiness is my journey, not my destination. I am kind, I am loving, I am happy.

“My Dear Son,
I am so very proud of you. Now, as you embark on a new journey, I’d like to share this one piece of advice. Always, always remember that – adversity is not a detour. It is part of the path.

You will encounter obstacles. You will make mistakes. Be grateful for both. Your obstacles and mistakes will be your greatest teachers. And the only way to not make mistakes in this life is to do nothing, which is the biggest mistake of all.

Your challenges, if you let them, will become your greatest allies. Mountains can crush or raise you, depending on which side of the mountain you choose to stand on. All history bears out that the great, those who have changed the world, have all suffered great challenges. And, more times than not it’s precisely those challenges that, in God’s time, lead to triumph.

Abhor victimhood. Denounce entitlement. Neither are gifts, rather cages to damn the soul. Everyone who has walked this earth is a victim of injustice. Everyone.

Most of all, do not be too quick to denounce your sufferings. The difficult road you are called to walk may, in fact be your only path to success.”
― Richard Paul Evans, A Winter Dream

Every step is important.  If you don’t appreciate each step along the way and follow the journey closely, then you will lose sight of it’s destination. Once that happens, you won’t be able to appreciate the beautiful ripple of great energy that it creates in the end.  It isn’t about the completion of the task, it’s about the journey along the way.

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