As planetary citizens, we share in the ecology of cultures.  We eat sushi and tacos, wear clothes from Taiwan and Guatemala, study Tibetan Buddhism and Peruvian shamanism, and drive Japanese cars manufactured in Southern California.  Through our satellites we participate in events all over the globe as they are happening.  Today, political borders no longer offer security.

The old political story was organized around stratified bureaucracies, empires, and nation-states.  Communication between these tightly defined and defended borders was very limited, in an age of interdependence, the old territorial stories must give way to a story of a mutually shared and protected planet.

~ Jean Houston (The Search for the Beloved) ~

We are truly one people and one world and when we focus on the blessing of that truth, we can create the world that truly supports each of its citizens. What we do as individuals affects our family and the world around us.

We believe we are all one, and practice that at


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